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10 Key Components of a Successful Mobile App

Over the last few years, the use of mobile applications around the world has received a remarkable proliferation. With the introduction of platforms or Operating Systems like iOS, Android, and Windows, mobile apps have become a common interest of business-oriented and tech-driven minds. The existence of more than 5 million applications today has added up to the competition level on the App Stores and the mobile app market. Smartphone users prefer to use an app for almost everything now be it reading news, playing games, buying something, getting active on social media, booking a cab, planning a trip, and more. And this has made it essential to have a mobile app no matter what type and size of business you are running.

As per Statista, there are more than 3 million applications on the Android App Store and over 2 million applications on the Apple App Store. And this is simply because of the ease of using apps, faster reach to the global market and audience, and the increasing demand for mobile applications. Businesses have realized the significance of having a mobile app for business growth and survival. And this has made it essential for every business today to look for an app development company to get their apps built.

The significance of having a mobile application for businesses is accepted indeed. But at the same time, the truth adds to the tough competition and challenges of mobile app development now. Remember, not all mobile applications are successful though there are millions of apps. There are a few things and components that determine the success or failure of an application.

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And here are the key components of a successful mobile app

A good speed:

When it comes to a mobile app, a good speed is important. If your application gets stuck or hangs often while being used, there’s a high chance that your users may simply uninstall the app. As there are millions of similar applications on the App Stores so they will always have multiple alternatives if your app is slow. Everyone is busy in their lives and wants things easily and quickly. And this makes it necessary to focus on the speed of the application while building it.

The solution to a problem:

A good mobile application must be a solution to a problem and must solve a particular need of the users. When an application fulfills the requirements of the users, the chances of gaining more loyal and permanent users increase. In other words, your app should be a much-needed thing for the users.

A single focus:

Most of the successful applications focus on one single service. And the benefit of focusing on one service prevents users from different confusion and also increases the quality level and user satisfaction level. Furthermore, focusing on one primary feature and purpose is a major part of a successful mobile application. The rest of the features must be supporting the primary objective of the application.


Simplicity is the key to success when it comes to mobile application development. Remember, not all mobile application users are pros. So, you need to give them the ease and convenience of using your app. This will increase your user base. In simple words, make your application easier and simpler with a simple and clean interface design, clear content, and high-quality elements.

Offline functionality:

Make your application usable even when the mobile network or the internet connection is slow or not found. That means your application must be usable to a certain extent even when the users are offline. The availability of the network or internet connection in many areas is questionable. And if your application can work both with and without the internet connection, there will be more chances of increased usage of it.

A high-performing mobile app:

A poor-performing application often gets abandoned by the users. A vital component that determines an app’s success is its performance. Again, in this case, it is a fact that users get many alternatives and options in the App Stores and this makes them abandon an application when they find it not performing well. High-performing applications are counted in the list of successful apps.

A personalized UX or user experience:

An app that is tailored to suit the personal preferences of the users can drive and engage the maximum number of users. Including features like smart and quick search options, a customized and streamlined checkout, etc., can help in adding a more personalized touch to your application and can make it a successful app.

Include a feedback option:

Including a review and feedback option in your app can offer a better user experience again. You must hear from your users what you need to improve on and what you need to remove from your application to make it more user-driven. So, including this feature or options can work great for your app’s success.

Regular updates:

Frequently updating your app with the advancements of technologies and as per the user reviews and feedback can improve the app’s rating. So, that’s again a crucial factor for your app’s success.

App marketing:

This is the final ingredient of your app’s success. With proper branding and marketing strategies, you can reach out to more people. More and more mobile users can know about your application through proper and strategic marketing only. So, never miss out on this point if you want your app’s success. Marketing is important to convey everything about your business, brand, or application to your target users.


A mobile application can be the best way to promote your business in the online world now. However, considering these above parameters is also important to ensure its success.

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