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11 Amazing Web Development Techniques

In the past few years, the web is getting deep-rooted in our routine. Most of the tasks are done on the web, including shopping, banking, reading, and much more. Web development is becoming an everyday demand and need. Every year web develops something unbelievable, we wonder what developments will be made in the future.

Here are the top web development Techniques.

Artificial Intelligence

Talking about future technologies and their developments, Artificial intelligence comes on the top. There has been a lot of progress in the field of artificial intelligence past few years. One of the advanced programs, professional Go player has been beaten by the new program AlphaGo, built by Google DeepMind. The AI technologies have been released by leading tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook to be used by the public. The AL technologies are used in applications to increase the progress of search engines to find irrelevant or damaged articles on Google or Wikipedia.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

While discussing future technologies, we can’t forget Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. AR/VR is already sweeping the gaming industry. The latest Oculus Rift and the Vive are the results of VR in the gaming world. But that’s not the end, Google and Mozilla are functioning on APIs to make Virtual reality convert into the web. More applications will be developed by Virtual reality technologies. The AR/VR solution are provided by the companies.

Internet of Things (IoT)

When the non-internet-connected items are provided with network connectivity for sending and receiving data purpose that is the Internet of things. These can detect errors and cracks from your kettle to sensors on engines. Xively and BugLabs, are those companies that are working on APIs so later the web developers can connect with IoT devices.


It is yet the most chosen language for the backend of web development. This language has been enhanced more than anyone could possibly think in its latest released version. It is believed one of the most up-to-date trends for web development. The Laravel 5 which is utilized in PHP 7 makes doing complex tasks a piece of cake. This framework has a bigger online community.

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Single Page Application

It is a web application constructed on JavaScript that works among user devices. It is capable of enhancing performance and lessening disruptions because of page reloading. Due to single-page applications, websites get responsive. No server queries happen.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Websites that work on smartphones without much complexity are called Mobile-friendly websites. They work on touch controls and fit easily on small screens. They have the capability to load the web pages faster due to their feature which decreases data entry. In the past years, Google once created its first mobile-optimized search catalog. It was a great approach of Google to give their smartphone users the same user experience when providing search results nevertheless of the device they might be using. Even though the hardware and user interface are so dissimilar, still Web development and many more companies manage to use this mobile-friendly website strategy to raise their website marketability.

Progressive Web App

Progressive Web Apps will fall under the category of hottest web trends that will be in 2019. These latest web applications work like normal web pages yet they have a high functionality level. They let the users work offline, push notifications and have device hardware like native mobile applications. There has been a raised witnessed in conversion rates and user engagement after the organizations started using PWAs instead of simple websites.

Voice Search Integration

Since digital assistants like Siri, Alexa and Cortana are here, people are more comfortable in using them than writing their queries. This Voice search integration is rapidly increasing by users to avoid typing. Another web development trend that users will need is the voice search feature on websites. Due to this, user engagement will be increased and user experience will be improved.


The enterprises prefer Chatbots for a better user experience. Chatbots are handling customer queries better than humans and by being available 24/7. These Chatbots are much cheaper and better for maintaining customer satisfaction. In the next few years, the websites will engage customers without much human involvement.

Motion UI

The Motion UI is in great demand for interactive web design, as it provides energetic graphics, incredible animation, and real impacts. It is responsible for visualizing a story while connecting with a user with many tools and methods. Motion UI gives a continuous transition effect. Its reason for gaining popularity is it makes it easier for the developers to animate the content without having a firm base of JavaScript.


One trend that surely needs to be taken care of is Cybersecurity. Data breaches, cyber threats, website hacking, and data theft are nothing new so to have a good website development, cybersecurity is considered important.


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