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3 Well-Liked PPC Platforms To Advertise In 2022

Online marketers can use Pay Per Click marketing to drive high-quality targeted traffic. It is also an important factor in determining the success of their overall advertising campaign.

We have updated and ranked three of the most effective PPC platforms to help you market your campaign.

Google Ads

Google is the most used search engine online and has the highest number of users. It has a 67% market share, and it does advertise many businesses. Advertisers on this platform who rank their ads among the top three on the first page will get tons of views every day.

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This platform is ideal for digital stores and B2-B businesses. The platform is progressive and constantly develops new advertising features to improve the user experience.

It also has the reputation of being one of the most strict PPC advertising platforms. A few Google Ad marketers have been banned simply for violating rules. It is difficult to navigate the system and it requires good skills for running effective campaigns. It also has a questionable privacy protection policy.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads boasts the largest number of users and is one of the most popular PPC networks. Because users can choose the location and audience they want, Facebook Ads has become an extremely effective advertising platform. Instagram, which has a large fan base, will also allow you to post Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads do have their limitations. Statistics have shown that the average Click Through Rate (CTR) is low. The system features and policies are also very complex. To attract more clicks, advertisers will need to update the text and images of their ads.

Bing Ads

It’s similar to Google Ads and has a large viewer base every single day. It can be used to advertise on Yahoo and Bing, and it has a lower cost per click (CPC) than Google Ads.

Bing Ads is my favorite because they care about advertisers well. Although their rules are not as strict as Facebook or Google Ad, the system dashboard is more user-friendly for beginners in PPC marketing. A comprehensive training guide is also available for beginner advertisers. They also have a friendly support team that can help with any issues.

Bing Ads has its cons. Its smaller audience base and limited popularity in certain countries are some of the disadvantages. The advertisement campaign’s reach is also limited.

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Other PPC platforms worth mentioning

These three top PPC platforms have been the most popular in recent times due to their large audience reach and track record of delivering quality clicks.

Online advertisers may also be interested in Adroll, Adroll Clicksor, and Leadbolt. These platforms have a great reputation and can deliver quality traffic in addition to the three major platforms.