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3D Animation- Better Designs for Your Dime

Many studios around the globe have found it exciting to transition into 3D animation designing & rendering. While it is an amazing opportunity to find inspiration from a new perspective, it has proved to be a little problematic for some more established companies.

Disney was in a minor crisis as Mickey was drawn with his distinctive silhouette and both of his circular ears visible from all angles. It was difficult to translate that into a 3D model. The problem was whether the ears should be attached to the head or if there was a more complex way to keep his ears in front of the camera. Although they didn’t realize the problem at first, designs made in modern times should be aware of it.

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The most difficult part of 3D animation design is the planning in all three dimensions. The most important step in 3D animation production has been creating turnaround sheets for characters so that they can flesh out their designs from all possible viewing angles. This ensures that the character looks consistent no matter where they are placed. But, because the scenery and background objects can often only be designed from one angle, it is difficult to convert a project without having to conceptualize each component again.

The medium has clear benefits that can help you save time and effort. The program generates lighting effects, and the artist does not have to spend any effort in determining which parts of the scene will catch the light or cast a shadow. The setting and characters are also fully-realized models. This makes it easy to avoid color mistakes and shape inconsistencies.

It is important to plan the entire piece ahead of time because the camera may not be able to see all angles. If only the entrance is visible, you can leave the back of the building blank. This may sound funny, but it can dramatically reduce the time and cost of 3D animation production.

Almost any project can be turned into 3D animation. It is much easier to plan the output and avoid most design problems. This allows for better creative thinking. It would be like converting a 2D cartoon idea after it has been created into a sculpture. The likeness exists, but only in one dimension.

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If the plans were created from the beginning, the process would have been much easier. Knowing the artistic direction of the piece will often make it easier for creative ideas to flow and result in better concepts. It is possible to plan for it right from the beginning, which could allow you to transform a great idea into an enduring masterpiece.