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5 SEO Strategies You Should Avoid

The pace of search engine optimization changes is much faster than most people anticipated a few years back. Many of the strategies that were used in the past have become obsolete. However, they can still be used.

Many of the older SEO strategies no longer work. Many of these can cause serious damage to your website and even lead to severe penalties.

There are many strategies we can highlight that you should avoid. However, some are more dangerous than others.

These are the ones that I will highlight and some that are just a waste. These SEO strategies are:- 

Domains with exact-match matches

EMDs ( exact match domains ) have been very popular for a long time. EMDs were an effective way to rank high quickly in search engines. It was the idea to create a microsite and rank quickly. This was sometimes possible in just days.

EMDs vanished quickly after Google discovered how many people were using them. This is why any website can rank for any keyword regardless of its domain. Because they are difficult to brand, exact-match domains can be risky. They are therefore less trusted. This makes it more difficult to build links and lowers conversions.

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Reciprocal linking

In the past, reciprocal linking was a popular practice. Google quickly ended the practice of exchanging links. Google then introduced the A-B-C reciprocal link. This is when site A links with site B, and site B links with site C. If done correctly, this evolution of reciprocal links can work. The regular reciprocal link can be a problem, especially if it is between websites that do not have a relevant relationship.

This strategy has been ineffective for over ten years. It’s a shame that this strategy is still being used today.

Article directories

Many article directories were available on the internet years ago. To get backlinks, SEO professionals added articles to these directories. They are largely useless and a waste of time. This only happens if the article directory does not contain relevant information or doesn’t use strict quality control methods.

Similar principles can be applied to link directories. It is important to keep your focus on relevancy when you use link directories. You should publish content only on niche-specific directories.

Remember that profile creator websites are of high quality, but not when used as link directories. They fall under the same category and are often used in modern SEO. If not done correctly, they can lead to the demise of a campaign.

Random Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to rank websites, but it must not be done randomly. An old strategy was to obtain a backlink by guest posting on any website. You have to be very careful with what you choose.

Guest blogging is a sophisticated public relations campaign. The goal of guest blogging is to reach a wider audience by publishing articles in established publications. This will allow you to gain more exposure, credibility, trust, and credibility as well as build your brand and show your industry expertise.

Write for bots, not people

SEO experts know that it is easy to spot articles written for bots and not visitors. This is one of the most serious SEO errors you can make. Modern search engine optimization should first satisfy the visitor. Next, please the search engines.

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Ranking algorithms have become more complex. They can now understand previously unobtainable information, such as how satisfied a visitor was with the content. We now have access to statistics such as bounce rate and time on site. These are the most important factors to focus on when writing for search engine bots.