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8 Essential Things To Know for Starting E-Commerce Store

According to a report in 2018, there are more than 206 million people who spend their money on online shopping this year, if you think about starting an eCommerce Store, time is not gone. To start an e-Commerce Store and to sell the product online, you should check out the list to do before the start Store.

1. Start with Decide your Store name

After deciding what you want to sell, you have to select the memorable, fabulous store name that no one is using. You have to search and then choose the corporate name. After the name has been chosen, you can register your store as Private Limited Company Registration, LLP, etc. You have to follow the legal process.

2. Protect Your Website and Domain Name

After deciding on your store name then you have to decide on your domain name, if the domain name is not available, select the URL which is easy to pronounce and related to the Store.

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For example, if your store is related to craft creative and the store name is Taruna craft creation then Domain will be If it is not available you can select a similar domain like Selecting a unique domain name is one of the expensive things in eCommerce.

3. Decide the Type of Business Structure and Register your Store

There are varieties of registering options like-

  1. A) Partnership
  2. B) Sole Proprietor
  3. C) Corporate
  4. D) LLP

If you will not select a business structure like LLC and corporate then you will automatically consider a Sole proprietor by Government. Operating as a sole proprietor, your personal assets are at your personal risk and if the company is ever sued then the court can collect your assets.

Both LLC and corporation separate you, provide other benefits, and your assets from the business. If both corporation and LLC separate you and your assets from the business and provide other tax benefits.

4. Apply for Permits and Business Licenses

Operating an eCommerce Store cannot be implemented without some Licenses and permits. It differs from state to state and country to country check the sorts of home business licenses and sales tax licenses you need and get approved before starting a store. According to your store, you have to take a permit from the Fire department or any other as per applicable rules and regulations.

5. Search the Right Vendors

In this competitive era you will find lots of competitors selling products online, so according to your interest find out the best quality and best prices for the products you sell or materials you use to create your product. Find the vendor with that you want to do business for a long time.

6. Get more familiar with the Right Software

We can work with the help of technology as it is easier and as well as save time and effort. So, before starting an eCommerce business, play around with accounting, customer relationship management, project management, email marketing, and other software which helpful for your eCommerce store. Once you launch, then you can integrate it into what you are doing.

7. Stock Your Inventory

Whether you have lots of products in your warehouse somewhere or you store your inventory in your garage be sure you have got enough on the day of launch. It will be difficult to decide how much it requires. To have many inventories is not enough. Focus on how you can increase your sales. You can focus on future and smart orders.

8. Your Employer Identification Number

To open a business bank account and file your business tax every year will need an Employer Identification Number (EIN). ENI is a Business social security number, and it is a unique number that helps you file important paperwork and identify your business. Every business requires whether you will have employees or not.


I hope this article is valuable to you. Through this article, you can understand how you can start your eCommerce store like Store name, Registration, Inventories, EIN, and Software.

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