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How to Find the Perfect ERP Software

It’s hard to run a shop when you’ve got too much work and you need to keep everything on time. It’s also hard to run a shop when you don’t have enough work and you need to figure out how to get more. In each instance, ERP software can be what makes the difference for your shop. An ERP software can keep your jobs on time, your jobs are profitable, and your schedule effective.

The Best ERP Software must be selected

Jobs on Time

These days, it’s become a necessity for a shop to have ERP software. Customers demand it because it guarantees the quality and timeliness they expect. Shops are finding that they need it for everything from tracking their jobs to quoting them accurately. Once you realize you need ERP software, how do you find the right one? There are so many different systems, some are good but not right for your shop and some are bad. Finding the perfect fit can be difficult. There are four things to look for to help in your search. You want to see if the ERP software is a good fit, has a cloud option, has good reviews, and has an implementation plan.

Good Fit

The variety of ERP software is overwhelming. Some software will do what your shop needs to improve and others will not. To make sure you find the right kind of ERP software, it’s important to look at exactly what you want the software to do. Does it need accounting? Does it need job tracking? Do you want to track inventory? Before you begin your search, compile a list of features you would like a new software system to solve. The right solution will hit all or most of the items on that list.

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Cloud Option

One of the biggest upgrades in ERP software has been the cloud. With the freedom of the cloud, you know what’s happening in the shop from anywhere, while being confident in the security of the system. This option has made ERP software so much more flexible. What does that say about a vendor that doesn’t offer it? Even if your shop doesn’t want to use the cloud for their software, be cautious about a vendor that doesn’t have the option. If they aren’t keeping up with technology trends, they might have trouble staying in business long term.

Implementation Plan

Implementation is the first essential step to using an ERP system. Most systems are intricate and require guidance before you can utilize the full potential of their features. Check if the vendor offers an implementation plan for their software. If so, they can assist you with the implementation in your shop. If not, there is the option to hire an external consultant. It’s important to have an implementation plan to ensure that everyone knows how to use the new ERP system.

When choosing ERP software, be sure to consider the points from above. This way, you can be sure that you will choose software that does what your shop needs it to do and that your shop will be able to run it. To find out more about ERP software, download our brochure and see how Shoptech’s products can check the boxes in your search for manufacturing software.

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