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AI: Artificial Intelligence Is Constantly Advancing

Against the background of increasing digitization and disruptive change, artificial intelligence, or AI for short, opens up new possibilities for fundamentally changing business processes. Not only that, but completely new business models, jobs, services, and possible applications will increasingly emerge in the future, which can be traced back to Artificial Intelligence-based technologies. For this reason, the topic of artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important for many company bosses and IT managers.

How IT Managers See The Future Of Data Use By AI

The exponential growth of data volumes represents one of the most significant challenges for companies. Because as long as data is not processed in a targeted manner, it offers no added value. The development and introduction of solutions based on artificial intelligence should make it easier to deal with vast amounts of data. THEREFORE, many IT managers see the use of artificial intelligence as a solution for the rapid processing, analysis, and preparation of data.

According to an MIT study conducted by Pure Storage, data is crucial for their company’s business success for over 80 percent of German IT managers and serves as a basis for decision-making in the relevant business areas. Among other things, for investments, customer orders, and new developments.

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For around 75 percent of the IT managers surveyed, the consolidation and evaluation of data are essential, and a full 83.3 percent hope for faster data processing and analysis. The study also shows the advantages of artificial intelligence in the various areas of the company.

IT Managers Hope That The Application Of AI Will Bring Further Benefits

The study shows, in particular, the advantages of using artificial intelligence. AI should therefore bring a wide range of additional benefits, such as automating and replacing manual work processes, increasing efficiency, relieving resources, and increasing competitiveness.

More And More Companies Rely On The Use Of Digital Assistants

AI-based digital assistants such as the well-known Alexa from Amazon for the consumer market are also being used in companies specializing in optimizing business processes. A pioneer in this field is the digital assistant, the figurehead of a software company specializing in this area.

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Digital assistants should support internal processes in project management, sales, and customer service, among other things, and be integrated into the existing IT landscape in the best possible way. They are also used in the continuous improvement and further development of complex processes, order processing, and dealing with regulations and laws.

Further Fields Of Application Of AI And Digital Assistants


In the area of ​​​​customer relationship management ( CRM ), marketing cloud tools and digital assistants can help create intelligent, dynamic customer classifications and analyses to identify customer wishes even better with the help of artificial intelligence. Customer avatars also play a role.


AI can make a significant contribution to supporting sales processes, for example, through CRM Sales Cloud and the optimization of targeted sales strategies. In trade and with suppliers, so-called retail assistants can take over order processing and services.

Customer Service

Application of artificial intelligence, among other things, with digital assistants for automated email analyses, chatbots, and telephone bots in customer service.

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Intelligent production control through data processing and order processing in real-time.


Needs analysis, parts management, and supply in real-time through artificial intelligence-supported systems.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance based on real-time machine data analysis to increase machine reliability and service life.

Financial Forecasting

Statistical evaluations of all relevant company data by artificial intelligence make the most accurate predictions possible for sales, liquidity development, EBIT, and other key performance indicators.