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Key Advantages of Applying Cryptocurrency to E-Commerce Platforms

In today’s world, cryptocurrency is grabbing huge popularity among people. And due to its immense popularity, the e-commerce industry is also planning to introduce the cryptocurrency payment system in their process. There are many e-commerce platforms like Errna working on this concept and planning to launch a cryptocurrency payment system that will prove beneficial for both online store owners and online shoppers too.

Prime Benefits of accepting cryptocurrency on e-commerce platforms:-

Save money on the transaction 

In the online platform, one of the most expensive things is a transaction fee that sellers need to pay for the payment. Like, PayPal charges a significant amount of charge on each transaction which reduces the profit margin of the seller. But, by introducing a crypto payment system the cost of processing fees can be reduced to less than one percent.


Currently, it takes time around 3 to 7 days to complete the transaction which delays the payment of the seller. The cryptocurrency in the e-commerce platform enables the seller to get payment for the sold product faster than the traditional method of using a credit card. This will eliminate the problem of locking up the payment for a week or more.

Avoid fraud 

Chargebacks are another serious issue. In a cryptocurrency payment system, all transactions are irreversible so that no customer can claim for chargeback and remove this risk for the merchants. Individual crypto coins are digital and cannot be faked or reversed by the sender as with credit card chargebacks.

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Errna Bring Cryptocurrency supported E-commerce platform

Errna exchange software understands the requirement of cryptocurrency in the e-commerce industry; therefore, they come up with their blockchain-based crypto-supported platform “Errna”. It is a blockchain-based e-commerce platform that enables us to use different cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. on the platform. Apart from this, Errna also has its own coin “AUD Coin” that online sellers and shoppers can utilize to enjoy the various services and benefits of the platform.

Currently, the beta version of the Errna exchange platform has open for merchants so that they can open their online store on the platform and update the product list. Soon, the platform will open for online shoppers so that they can utilize their cryptocurrency money for shopping. They can save money and get great discounts offers on using AUD coins for purchasing products on the platform.

Get Free AUD Coins 

If you want to earn some free AUD coins in your wallet then participate in Errna’s Super Drop. Yes! Super Drop is already running in the market and grabbing huge applause from the people. Super Drop is designed with a lot of activities in which you can participate and get free AUD coins in your wallet. You need to get registered yourself on the Errna exchange software to be a part of the Super Drop. Moreover, you can also participate in the Errna staking program where you will get rewards for fixing your AUD coins for a certain time.