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7 Benefits of SaaS Development For Businesses

SaaS or Software as a Service is simply a cloud computing service that enables access to a vendor’s cloud software. Saas is a really effective alternative to the usual model of software installation where the business needs to build up a server, enable and install the application and finally make configurations for further use.

However, in the case of the Saas model the applications are stored in a remote cloud network which can be utilized through web or API and businesses will get authorization to use it for a fixed time period on a rental basis and enjoy the benefits from this software as a service model.

How does the SaaS Model Work?

In this model, the company that provides the service offers business access to a copy of the application that the provider has developed for Saas-based distribution. The source code provided for the application is the same for all clients. On the introduction of new features or functionalities , they are automatically distributed among all client’s databases.

Businesses can fuse their SaaS applications with other software as well using APIs ( application programming interface).

Commonly, SaaS applications are used for important business functions such as Customer Relationship Management, email campaigns management, sales management, HR management and finance management among others.

7 Benefits of SaaS Development for a Business!

1. Smooth Upgrades and Updates

The SaaS development company manages all the latest upgrades and updates for their clients so the businesses are free from the requirement to install or download different updates. This makes sure that you always have an updated version of the software solution. Businesses no more have to go through the hassle of keeping the regular updates in check.

2. Quick Implementation and Deployment Saas

While the usual custom software may take weeks or months to implement or deploy, for SaaS software all that is needed is a web browser and internet access and you are ready to go!

This makes the business processes run smoothly without any lag due to any technical setups.

3. Cost-Effective

There are no high advance payments involved in this model unlike the custom software as Saas works on a subscription-based model and comprises upgrades, client support, and maintenance.

This makes SaaS more affordable and at the same time highly cost-effective with no necessary long-term commitments.

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4. Easy Backups and Data Recovery

Backup and data recovery are painful to work in custom software unless a costly automated solution has been installed. However, in SaaS applications, you do not have to go through this pain as SaaS has automatic backups without any user intrusion which makes the process simpler and makes sure that your data is always kept safe and backed up.

This is also valuable as this gives you the assurance that the data would not be lost in any circumstances as there are regular backups.

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5. Ensured Levels Of Service

For most long-established solutions there is no assurity as to how well it will work or perform. However, this is not the case with SaaS solutions as most SaaS providers guarantee that your app will be accessible 99.5% of the time and if the assured return is not provided the vendor has to pay the pre-decided penalty.

6. Easier to Adopt

Since SaaS solutions are provided over the internet there is no proper learning curve required as employees are generally used to working on the internet. This makes a lot of work easy for the company and also helps the company save in terms of time and cost of training.

7. Safety & Security

A company’s business information is safer in a SaaS application than in a custom software application because, for the majority of SaaS vendors, two geographically dispersed data centers connect the infrastructures to provide services. In the unforeseen event that a failure takes place in one of the centers, the SaaS vendor can then use a second data center, to provide uninterrupted services. This ensures the safety and security of all the data of the company and ensures a smooth flow of work.

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So these are the benefits of a SaaS development model, you can compare them to other models and decide what is suitable for your business. There are a lot of factors to consider while choosing the right software solution for your company however with the assurity of the internet and the security provided by the cloud strategy. Server, the tech scales do seem to be leaning towards the SaaS-based solutions to be the better and more efficient model.