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Big data analytics help in boosting the software development project

The efficiency and effectiveness of software development procedures are the backbones of any software development company or an in-house department of any big data enterprise. Research and development is the stage in the life cycle of software where a heavy amount of cost and significant time is used.

Better efficiency in software development projects is to reduce the cost incurred and the time taken to complete the software development. Big Data Analytics is among the number of tools available for a software development team to improve efficiency. Before I enlighten you about how Big Data benefits in boosting software development, let’s see what actually Big Data is.

What is Big Data Analytics?

So here is the “Big” question. What is Big Data? Big data are the sets of data large enough that a traditional data processing application can’t work them out. Big Data collection includes capturing data, data storage, data analytics, etc

So what kind of data is included in Big Data? It is the data about nearly any human activity that touches electronic media. Whenever a person likes a post or makes any other activity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other e-platform, his data is recorded and stored. Similarly, when a person buys a product, reviews it, or even just views it, the data is stored. Furthermore, any search that is made on a search engine or any phone call, message, etc, these things are recorded and stored to make big data. A human makes a lot of big data a day. It is said that Humans created 1.8 Billion ZittaBytes of Big Data in 2011.

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Now let’s define analytics. It is about turning data into useful information. Big Data Analytics is converting the big data into useful information by analyzing the trend and behavior of the data collected. Analytics tries to find a meaningful trend or pattern from the huge pile of data.

How do Big data analytics help boost the software development project?

So here is the most important part. How in the world the big data have to do with the software development process. First data can be collected about the software development process. It can be a past work of one’s own software. For example, one can collect data about feedback, problems, usability, and behavior of one’s past software and use that data to make improvements in the next software or update. Furthermore one can use the analytics to eliminate any unnecessary feature that is not much used and appreciated by customers. These would not only help to reduce time but will help make software simpler, more competitive, and user-friendly. The analytics can also be used for a post-project review and evaluation.

Probably the best use the big data for software developers is the less chance of drifting away from the needs of the industry. One can use big data to find out what kind of features and solutions are being demanded in the market. A developer can use that data to create something that will be appreciated in the market, not something that ends up being useless for the market or become obsolete quickly.

Another use is that big data analytics reduces the time taken to complete the software project. The development phase of the software must be completed before the market needs to shift away. Instead of testing errors themselves, an early access version of the software can be released that collects data about the errors and bugs in the software when it was used by the users. That information can be used to make improvements

One more use during the marketing stage is the proper marketing of the software. A business can use that big data to define what segments of the population will have the most need of the software and will target that segment with a focus probably thorough e-marketing unlike using a traditional approach


Big Data & Analytics is becoming a popular tool for enterprises all around the world. The use of this technique properly can lead developers to success.