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7 Steps to Creating a Scanned Digital Signature Online

Creating a scanned digital version of your signature is not that hard. From idea to inception, all of this takes less than 10 minutes if you know what to do.

There are many ‘right’ ways to do it. One of them is to send your scanned digital signature online to a company that can create a TrueType font of your signature. They’ll provide you with a signature that you can print at any size and you can use it without any degradation of quality.

‍However, `there are also ‘easy’ ways to do this and we’ll be using photo manipulation software such as Photoshop (you can alternatively use something like GIMP).

 1. Sign on a Piece of Paper

Easier said than done sometimes, as your own signature on a piece of paper will be critically evaluated by your own self. The trick is to draw a larger signature, which would still look good after it has been shrunk down/ stretched in size.

2. Scan your Paper

Use a high-resolution scan (not less than 600 dpi) for the best results.

3. Crop Down your Best Signature

Select the best among your signatures and crop it down. You can also straighten the image so it looks on-level with the straight lines on your original documents

4. Open Photoshop and Use Magic Wand

Use Photoshop’s magic wand feature to isolate your signature from the rest of the image. Invert selection and copy it.

5. Paste the Sign into a New Document

Paste your signature into a new document and a transparent background. Use a magic wand to rectify any color changes between your signature and the background.

6 Save the image into a format that supports transparent background

The best bet is to save your new signature into a .png file. The best part is it’s usable by software such as Adobe Acrobat and will not create problems when you use it as an ‘artifact’.

You now have a suitable scanned digital signature online PDF for your use.

7 Is my electronic digital signature online as legal as a paper signature?

Yes! Electronic digital signatures are federally protected by the ESIGN Act of 2000. In addition to this, your signatures are protected by various legislations internationally as well.

Is it secure to use electronic digital signatures to sign my docs?

Yes, it is secure as long as you have a provider that facilitates verification. Usually, a secure connection involves SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. This is the same level of security used in leading banks. Document storage is kept at AES 256-bit encryption.

What can I use my scanned digital signature for?

You can use your scanned signature to sign off on an email. Some people use it to give the email a personal touch.

There are other purposes for your signature too. Digital signature representation is one of them. This allows you to put legal weight behind your documents.

Signing faxes is yet another utility for your signature. You can receive, sign and fax a document back without ever printing it, eliminating the need for printing your documents.

Any other way I can use these signatures?

Individuals and businesses can use these signatures purposefully in a plethora of things. This includes:

  • e-signature in NDMAs (non-disclosure agreements)
  • Purchase documents
  • Rental proposals
  • Sales agreements
  • Non-compete clauses & agreements
  • Lease agreements
  • Tax paperwork
  • Insurance documents
  • And much more…

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