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The Top Five Cryptocurrency to Buy Right Now

The growing craze behind cryptocurrency needs no introduction. These decentralized digital tokens are one of the greatest by-products of the tech age. They are the future of monetary transactions that would find wide acceptance in the coming years. In case you are planning to invest in cryptocurrency you’d like to pick the best among the hundreds of digital currencies.

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The top five cryptocurrency to purchase right now

  • Bitcoin–No prizes for guessing which cryptocurrency tops our list. With a market cap of more than a trillion dollars, Bitcoin’s valuation is more than the GDP of 200 odd countries that are part of the United Nations. Major banking institutions around the world are beginning to accept payments in Bitcoins and it is expected to rule the market of cryptocurrencies in years to come. The only rider here is the high fluctuation in the prices of Bitcoins which is near its all-time high.
  • Ethereum – It has been in the shadows of Bitcoin for several years now but has created a space of its own. Its rate of appreciation has been at par with Bitcoin and also higher in several instances. Though it has been a late starter in the crypto market Ethereum has gained huge popularity among miners as it is easy to mine.
  • Binance Coin – This is among our favorites in the list of best cryptocurrencies to invest in now given the consistency it has shown in its growth. Binance Coin has been steady when other cryptocurrencies have shown volatility. It poses fewer risks to the investors compared to others on this list and hence it is a good option for those entering the cryptocurrency market.
  • Cardano – You won’t hear about this too often as it has a much smaller footprint compared to others on this list. Miners love it as Cardano isn’t as power-hungry during its transactions. It has also shown a good upward curve and this is one of the reasons it has become a hot favorite with several investors.
  • Ripple– This is another cryptocurrency that has been making the headlines in recent years thanks to the kind of appreciation it has seen. If you are looking for seamless international transactions with cryptocurrency Ripple is the one for you. It is backed by banks and international money transfer platforms and allows you to transfer money in real time as compared to the days it takes with other cryptocurrencies.

To sum up, we have combined the list of five best cryptocurrencies to invest in now, and given the dynamics in the world of cryptocurrencies, these are bound to change in the coming years.

While Bitcoin and Ethereum may not be dislodged from their positions in the near future it is at the bottom of the list that is expected to see a lot of changes in the coming years. The certainty tough is the growing popularity of cryptocurrency and this is here to stay and shall dominate our future monetary transactions.

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