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Why Did The Global E-commerce Development Company Select Magento?

Analysts believe that the US e-commerce market is the fastest growing in the world. However, its structure is significantly different from the rest of the world. What are the preferences for entrepreneurs in America?

What is the reason for differences in the preferences of the global e-commerce community’s entrepreneurs?

Shopify Plus, a Canadian internet company, predicts that by 2021 the global eCommerce market will be worth $ 4.5 trillion. The e-commerce industry is also facing serious challenges due to the growing demand for global digitalization and customization. Customers must be careful when choosing the technology they use.

According to Gartner’s study, the Magic Quadrant of e-commerce platforms is dominated by IBM, SAP, Magento, and Salesforce.

Morgan Stanley analysts consider the Russian eCommerce market one of the most rapidly growing. They predict a growth rate of 2.5x by 2024. This is an absolute increase of 1.292 trillion rubles. Up to 3.491 trillion Rubles, The technologies are far away from global leadership.

Data Insight reports that more than half of Russian online shops use Magento, a proprietary CMS. This is compared to less than 1% for the rest of the technological leaders in the field.

CMS for online shops

Because working with global e-commerce platforms requires substantial investments, this structure is quite large. This is why Russian businesses prefer systems that are designed by them. Open-source systems are an alternative.

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Russian Internet developers have underestimated the merits of Magento, the open-e-commerce platform Magento that is the leader in CMS. It hosts more than 250 000 websites around the globe.

What is Magento and how does it compare to other e-commerce development platforms. Magento is an e-commerce platform that offers multifunctional solutions. It allows you to manage all aspects of your online store’s appearance, content, and functionality. Magento Commerce (paid version) and Magento Open Source (free) are the versions available in Russia.

Magento benefits:

  • Possibility to set up multiple online shops and manage them all from one administrative panel
  • Create a product card that includes detailed descriptions, characteristics, photos, and other similar products
  • Optimization of each product page (formation of an XML Sitemap with links to all pages in the online store) This is used for indexing.
  • Convenience when working with prices
  • It has a lot of built-in functionality (language, multi-currency, and discounts, coupons, reports, etc.
  • Multi-modularity
  • Expandable and scalable
  • Access to HTML code and PHP code allows for flexibility and many customization options.
  • Differentiation in rights within the administrative panel for different employees (managers and programmers).
  • Users can also write reviews and assign ratings.

It is possible to add additional modules to the basic Magento package if the e-commerce development company does not have the required features. There are more than 4000 Magento extensions available today.

Magento CMS modules

  • Catalog Management (Catalog Management, Products, Product Management)
  • Analytics and reports (Reports Marketing Tools, Research, Order Management)
  • Payment and Delivery (Payment, Delivery, Reliability Orders, Order Management, Support for Users)
  • Account Management (Buyer account management, Content, Order Management, and Products)
  • Site management (Site control and simple system updates, Search engine optimization, and other options)

Magento’s user-friendly design makes it easy to make changes quickly and manage multiple sites in different languages from one admin panel.

Columbus experts will assist you in integrating Magento with extensions or applications such as Dynamic Yield. This allows the user to personalize product content on an electronic website. Magento’s functionality can be integrated with eBay, Paypal, and Mail Chimp.

Magento E-commerce development offers added value because the buyer is a part of a professional community of talented developers and has access to the growing professional ecosystem. This allows him to share knowledge with other professionals, simplifying the process of opening large international online stores.

Magento E-commerce development agencies must keep abreast of the latest trends and innovations. Access to multiple support channels and forums is a must. This will make sure they don’t get bogged down in trying to solve your problem.

You should also be familiar with the most recent technologies and tools that Magento development companies might need. These tools can be found at the agencies you work with.

You need Magento E-commerce developers that are skilled in the most recent technology if you’re a startup or have an existing Magento store you wish to upgrade. They should provide excellent support, smooth transitions, and active monitoring.

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You will get the best value by choosing a Magento development company that follows ethical guidelines and uses best practices. You should also ensure they know the most recent web development technologies.