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How Can You Turn Your Email Marketing Campaigns Into Conversion-Driven Ones?

“Email has a unique ability that many channels lack: the ability to add personal touches and value at scale. ” – David Newman

Introduction: E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is a traditional marketing technique that often goes unnoticed, but it still has the potential to generate deep customer engagement. David Newman stated that email marketing allows businesses to have direct, personal contact with their clients and promotes their products. But it’s not enough to plan an objective-oriented email campaign. To determine if you are on the right path, it is important to measure the success rate of your campaign.

You need an email marketing agency that can help you not only create an effective email strategy, but also monitor its performance.

We will now focus on the most important metrics that marketers use to estimate the output of an email marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Strategies Are:

Email open rates

This is the percentage of people who have opened an email with your marketing message. If you send an email to 1000 people and 300 of them open it, that means that the email’s open rate is 30%. This is considered a fair average. Marketers should consider the range of 20-40% as an indicator for a healthy open-rate.

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Click through

This is the percentage of people who clicked on any link or image within an email. Consider the 1000 customers that we discussed earlier. If 200 people have clicked the image or link, then the campaign has a 20% click through rate.

Like the previous metric above, click-through rates are largely dependent on the appeal of the mail content and the number of links included in the mail.

Click To Open Rate (CTOR),

This metric is also very helpful for marketers in monitoring the effectiveness of your email content. This is done by multiplying the total number unique clicks by total unique opens. Let’s say that 1000 customers have clicked 200 times and 300 opens respectively. This will give us a percentage of 67%. You can expect this to fluctuate depending on the quality of your content.

Now that you know the most important metrics for measuring a campaign let’s find out what effective tactics are used by professionals offering email advertising services.

Get to the point

We are all very busy with our personal and professional commitments. You need to write an email message that is concise and to the point. It is important to organize it so you can address all their questions and give them a comprehensive overview of your products. It should also include relevant images and links.

Use innovative content

Email marketing allows marketers to reach their audiences with personalized information. This can be achieved by adding innovative content. We mean to deliver a customized experience to your audience based on their preferences, data, and demographics. Your chances of getting a higher click through rate are greater if your content is more engaging for your reader.

It should feature a conversion-focused design

These design tips will help you make your email persuasive and more effective.

  • Great copy: Engaging content is key to showcasing how your products and services can improve the customer experience.
  • Images Use high-quality images of products and services in your emails. People are more inclined to be interested in visually appealing content.
  • Simple to click: To help your readers find the clickable links, your email should have small, easy-to-spot Call-to-Actions (CTAs) that are simple to understand and clever.

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Final thoughts

Ask your email marketing agency to keep you informed about the progress of your campaign. They can also guide you through any necessary changes if it fails. You can also use valuable email insights to help you develop more practical and business-specific email campaigns in the future.