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The Need for ERP Software for Manufacturers

Manufacturing is specifically positioned for growth over the next 5 years. Now’s the time to evaluate your business and processes so you can be part of that growth. And one of the best ways to do that is to make strategic, data-driven decisions. Enter an ERP software–and even more specifically, a system that addresses ERP software for manufacturers.

Why an ERP Software is a MUST for Manufacturers

It’s all about PRODUCTIVITY. That’s the one word that really sums up what an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system can provide manufacturers. If your machines are running at max capacity, your inventory is turning like clockwork, reporting is giving you real-time, accurate data and your customers are consistently returning with reorders, your business is positioned to profit and grow. Every shop wants that, right?

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Imagine the following happening in your business:

  1. You’re improving your collaboration across departments. Purchasing, production, quality control, sales, and marketing are all communicating and sharing information in a single database.
  2. Your inventory and processes are simplified, reducing overages and optimizing production. You see an increase in on-time delivery and you can easily plan for the next 10 jobs instead of the next 1 or 2.
  3. You’re actually saving money! Your systems are unified and you are no longer fragmenting your organization, thereby eliminating redundancies and inefficiencies. Plus, you save time and money because employees are trained on ONE system.
  4. Your team is getting you specific information in a matter of minutes. From an income and expense statement to a customized report on a certain metric or trend, you can analyze every nook and cranny of your business without waiting on IT to generate a long report that may or may not have the info you need.
  5. You’ve won the last couple of RFIs because your business is more flexible than ever. You use to take on smaller, more “mom and pop-like” customers. Now, due to a simplified regulatory compliance process, you’re able to manage and secure data and generate the proper reports, thereby taking a bigger slice of the manufacturing pie.
  6. Your customer retention has steadily increased. They are regularly coming to you with reorders because they consistently experience on-time delivery and organized thorough communication.
  7. You’ve gained more business because you’re able to market and even take orders online. You now have web-enabled technology that allows you to access information, communicate with customers and vendors and sell your product anywhere in the world.

All of this is possible in your company but only if you have the technology and system that provides it — ERP software.

About Arion ERP Software

Arion ERP Software is a comprehensive ERP software solution with wide-ranging modules to help organizations manage their clients, employees, administration, and other important business processes. Arionerp designs top-notch and beautifully created ERP software management systems so you’ll have something which you can rely on, and give your brand a boost. And everyone looks fantastic on every device.