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ERP Software: Boost Your Company

In recent years, manufacturing software has evolved into a web-based solution. While locally installed, on-premise systems are still available, you may want to consider the opportunity to invest in web-based ERP software.

Web-based ERP software offers enhanced security, customizable features, and other attractive benefits that may not be available with an on-premise ERP solution. These benefits can have a positive financial impact on your shop’s performance.

Some methods that ERP software can improve business

Limited Upfront Capital Investment

While on-premise ERP software can be useful, they often come with a hefty upfront capital investment. In addition to buying the software, you need servers, computers, networking equipment, and other hardware. You also may need to hire or train an employee dedicated to ERP software technical support.

Web-based solutions eliminate most of those investments. The software is hosted on the provider’s servers, so you do not need anything beyond an internet connection to get up and running. And, with most web-based providers, support and maintenance are included in your monthly cost, which means you won’t need a dedicated support employee in your shop.

Quick Scalability to Grow with your Shop

Are you ready to expand into a new building or maybe even open an additional location? Expansion may help you serve more customers and grow your revenue, but it can also come with sizable costs, including the expense of upgrading your on-premise software. With local manufacturing ERP software, an expansion may require new servers, computers, networking equipment, seat licenses, and more.

Your web-based ERP software solution offers one account for your entire shop, so new employees and locations can quickly access the software. Expansion only requires an internet connection and sign-on information.

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Reduced Hardware Maintenance Costs

Servers, database systems, middleware, and networking equipment are all necessary for on-premise ERP software, and they are all costly to maintain and upgrade. Web-based does not require any of that hardware, so you avoid all related maintenance costs. You can save that money and invest it in more important items to continue your shop’s growth.

Faster ROI

A web-based manufacturing software solution usually generates a more rapid return on investment than in-house ERP software. Web-based systems are deployed quicker than in-house systems so you can start using them to drive efficiency in your shop as soon as possible. Additionally, your investment in cloud ERP software will likely be less than an investment in a local solution. That adds up to a greater ROI and a quick impact on your bottom line.

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