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Which is the Best ERP Software for Food Manufacturing

It’s understandable that selecting the best ERP software solution for your company can seem overwhelming – the process is lengthy, the vendors are plentiful and the features are many. What should food manufacturers be searching for beyond managing the critical business functions of manufacturing, quality, inventory management, accounting and finance, sales, and reporting? There are several areas to examine to ensure that the unique needs of your industry and company are being met.

The following are some key features and functionality to look for in food ERP software:

Industry-Specific Functionality

ERP software developed specifically for food manufacturers is able to encompass their industry’s unique processes, keeping the end user’s unique needs in mind. With critical functionality already available, there is little need for customization, therefore reducing implementation costs. The inclusion of key integrations of value to food manufacturers in the initial implementation can save valuable time. An industry-specific solution offers simplicity, as well as quicker ROI, which is essential to the successful implementation of your ERP software.

Compliance Capabilities

Ever-changing Food and Drug Administration (FDA), USDA inspections, and global food regulations require compliance functionality with effective record keeping and documentation. Forward and backward lot traceability with audit trails to trace raw materials to finished goods is essential. Food safety plans, HACCP compliance, and adherence to Global Food Safety Initiatives (GFSI) documentation is also a necessity within an ERP software. Mock recall planning and implementing product recall procedures must be prominent features to demonstrate preparedness in meeting food safety and compliance regulations. In addition, management and handling of product attributes and allergens to assist in proper labeling and certifications are required to meet safety and consumer expectations.

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Additional Functionality

Whether or not you need additional features now, an ERP software solution should have scalability for the expansion of product lines, warehouses, and staff. This may include adding users, increasing the number of facilities, or going global, as well as increasing functionality. Your company may be ready to establish a warehouse management system (WMS) to better control inventory or introduce electronic data interchange (EDI) to open up business partnerships with particular vendors. The food ERP software you choose should allow you the capability to grow and expand as needed.

Industry Knowledge and Experience

Vendors with industry experts who utilize best practices are the most qualified to implement and support ERP solutions for the food industry. With the experience of working with similar companies, they are able to provide quicker resolution for issues, errors, and bottlenecks as they have most likely handled similar problems. Understanding pain areas leads to lower maintenance costs and greater comprehensive support.

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