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Using ERP Software to Support Automation Initiatives

ERP software systems have enabled companies to maintain productivity and mitigate the negative impact by providing the ability to respond with the agility necessary to ensure business continuity into the future.

the evolving business landscape has brought about abrupt changes for many manufacturers, and it’s important to leverage available automation to overcome these obstacles. Covid-19 has led to abrupt changes for many companies, challenging them to maintain operations and set up remote working quickly for employees – requiring IT staff to provide the infrastructure necessary to manage a dispersed workforce.

ERP software supports new initiatives in automation in the following ways:

Pivoting to the digital world

ERP software solutions provide supportive tools to aid companies in meeting their digital transformation goals concerning changing business and market requirements evolving in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. With features such as mobile connectivity, reporting capabilities, scalability, and cloud options, ERP solutions add value and improve business through technology – allowing companies to be more adaptable in difficult times.

Enhancing team communication

ERP software allows teams to stay connected across locations, whether employees work from home, are at the office, or are out in the field. With an integrated system, effective communication occurs among teammates, in addition to facilitating the reporting of accurate data if information originates from multiple locations. Eliminating department silos through automated interactions and tasks in the ERP helps employees share information and work towards common company goals.

Streamlining customer order support

With the ease of access to real-time information, no matter the location to help maintain optimal production levels, ERP software for manufacturing helps save your business time and money. Hand-held scanners automate processes by recording warehouse movements, optimizing production schedules, and aligning departments to improve output. By providing visibility into work-in-progress inventory and order information, the solution provides production staff with the ability to reduce interruptions to manufacturing and improve both fulfillment and distribution.

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Supporting financial and accounting compliance measures

In times of economic uncertainty, the potential for fraud and cyberattacks often increases, making automated ERP software solutions that perform operations to meet industry best practices for the prevention of data breaches all that more critical. With accuracy and compliance of utmost importance, finances and accounting within a single system in real-time is essential.

Also, during times of business disruption, it is important to leverage the automation in business intelligence reporting tools to gain insight into KPIs, forecasts financial health, and identify future trends to make more informed business decisions. These tools can help companies work within the new normal of today’s workplace – remaining cost-effective, handling remote workers, or operating with less personnel.

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