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Effective Change Management for ERP Software Implementations

ERP software solutions can adversely affect the return on investment (ROI) companies realize. This is why it is particularly important for management to prepare employees for the changes the ERP system will bring to individual roles, traditional processes, and departmental interaction through organizational change management.

Organizational Change Management is a transformational business process improvement that involves the introduction of “best practices” throughout the entire manufacturing operation to increase efficiency, improve overall business performance, and maximize the ERP system’s value. Management needs to buy into the need for the ERP system, and then demonstrate its leadership throughout the ERP system implementation process.

ERP software for process manufacturers is designed to create efficiencies, improve productivity, and increase profitability, but there’s a caveat––the ERP solution is only as effective as those who use it to the maximum advantage. This means the human resources, the people who make things happen.

Understand and commit to the need for ERP software.

It will be difficult to make a case for cooperation among employees if management is half-hearted, or vague, about the how’s and why’s of the ERP initiative. Members of the executive team and their managers should understand the value of the ERP solution, with specifics, and be able to speak with authority to questions posed by their employees. It is critical that the company’s management group authoritatively and knowledgeably presents a business case and benefits realization for the ERP software implementation.

Everyone needs to be clear about the reasons behind the ERP software solution’s implementation.

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Be the ERP software initiative’s strongest advocate.

Enthusiasm, forthrightness, and honesty will help the management group address company morale. All stakeholders should be identified and encouraged by management throughout the entire ERP implementation process. This includes recognizing and acknowledging the challenges, stress, and uncertainty that goes along with any company-wide change in technology and focus.

It is important that management stay focused on the ERP initiative. They cannot be pulled away by conflicting priorities, no matter how valid they may appear. Management should commit to using the ERP software themselves, putting forth the work to understand it.

Employees need to be confident that management knows what it’s doing.

It’s not unusual for employees to show some resistance to the implementation of an ERP solution. Fear of change in general, insecurity about their jobs, and anxiety over the ability to learn the new ERP system are all part of employee resistance. However, when management takes the lead and demonstrates its complete buy-in to the ERP software initiative, the company can execute a successful ERP system implementation.

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