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ERP Software in a Digital Age: Eliminating Paper

Take a minute to think about the time your company’s employees spend searching for important business information or the number of occasions a document is copied and shared among stakeholders in your organization. You may find these numbers surprisingly high, but they effectively demonstrate that the lack of efficiency in paper-intensive business processes is a real issue for many process manufacturing companies. we explain why companies are increasingly turning to their ERP software solutions in their efforts to go digital.

Time and Cost Savings

While these may seem like two separate issues, the cliche time = money is a relevant one for process manufacturers. Since there are costs specific to maintaining paper documents such as paper stock, printing, filing, distribution, and storage, there are also time concerns related to employee management of paper documentation. ERP software solutions provide real-time access to information in a centralized database that offers a consistent look and user-friendly interfaces for all departments. With ERP software, data is no longer entered manually or duplicated in multiple systems decreasing the possibility of errors and inconsistencies – saving valuable resources.


Lost, stolen, or damaged information is a concern for companies that rely on paper documentation. In addition, confidential or proprietary information is more difficult to manage, as file storage safety poses its own challenges. Maintaining data in digital form within an ERP software system eliminates many of these issues by providing a secure database of company information – utilizing system backups of information on a regular basis. With user-based logins, only approved company stakeholders have access to particular data, therefore maintaining restrictions on sensitive information. In addition, permissions within the software control the transactions and visibility provided to end-users.

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Paper documentation contributes to departmental silos within an organization, as business information is often housed within specific niches within the company. ERP software for manufacturing handles departmental sharing and collaboration needs with the real-time visibility of data anytime, anywhere in order to make important business decisions. Communication is streamlined within the organization, allowing for more efficient processes and handling of problems as they arise. The ERP software mobile reporting and analytics provide on-the-go flexibility to increase employee collaboration for all company stakeholders in making informed business decisions.

Environmental Impact

There is increasing pressure on companies to be eco-friendly and reduce their carbon footprint in order to lessen the impact on the environment. By automating business processes within your warehouse utilizing WMS’s barcoding and scanning capabilities paper documentation is reduced, providing real-time accountability of inventory transactions. In addition, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) provides an opportunity to extend conservation efforts to business transactions outside of the company – offering efficient and automatic data exchange with trading partners.

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