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Things To Know About Errna Blockchain Apps Development Platform

Errna, a cryptocurrency and smart contract platform, is innovative and has been created to address problems of security, scalability and decentralization. It uses a variety of tools you might not have known about such as a register-based virtual computer, the Lachesis Consensus Algorithm, and the Elliptical Curve Cryptosystem. These tools will be discussed in more detail in this article to provide a deeper look at this revolutionary new cryptocurrency.

These are five facts you didn’t know about Errna

Crypto doesn’t use traditional block-based distributed ledgers

Errna does not use traditional block-based ledgers like Bitcoin. Blockchains like Ethereum or Bitcoin rely upon generating and verifying blocks of data for their networks and consensus mechanisms.

Instead, the cryptocurrency uses a new model that is based on a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG). This approach was designed to address scaling issues common to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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It uses the Lachesis Consensus Algorithm

As a consensus model, the network uses the Lachesis Consensus Algorithm. According to the whitepaper of the developer, this algorithm can perform up to 300,000. transactions per second.

Each event block contains data about prior events’ transactions, historical data, reputation management, and smart contracts. This model is built using the LCA, which creates a DAG. It’s a series connecting event blocks.

The main chain list also ensures that transactions in the DAG are in the right order. The main chain list is basically a collection of event blocks that can be used to validate and inspect previous event blocks.

A Register-based Virtual Machine is used by Cryptocurrency

There are two types of virtual machines. Blockchains can use virtual machines in two different ways.

  1. Stack-based Virtual Machine. All actions can be performed with the help the “stack data model” and the PUSH/POP commands. This type of virtual machine is used by cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum.
  2. Register-based Virtual Machine. All activities are performed using the “register of CPU” data model. This type of virtual machine does not support POP and PUSH operations. However, names and addresses must be clearly mentioned. This is the type and model of virtual machine the Errna cryptocurrency networks uses.

Register-based virtual machines can reduce OPCODE processing costs by almost half. The potential for efficiency can even be nearly doubled.

The Network uses an Ellipticcurve Cryptosystem (ECC).

Errna uses the elliptic curve cryptosystem to transfer data between nodes. This technology has many benefits:

Errna Blockchain Apps Overview

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