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Flutter Mobile App Development: The Pros and Con

Mobile app development involves many activities such as strategy, analysis, planning, UI/UX design, and mobile app development. It takes time to find the right platform, not only do you have to look at all the resources and code, but also all the hours spent developing.

Flutter- Introduction, and Pitches

In any business, time and ability are key factors. The entire process will revolve around the most efficient and effective way to complete the task. The ideal developer wants to finish the task in a reasonable time. This depends on many factors, including the platform where the code is written, the language chosen, its efficiency, applicability, and so forth.

Have You heard Of Flutter?

Let me now introduce you to some features and see if they can speed up the process.

Google has created Flutter, an open-source, cross-platform UI toolkit that allows mobile app developers to create apps. Flutter uses Dart as a programming language. It’s a language inspired by JavaScript. Sky, previously known as Sky, was revealed at the 2015 Dart summit. Its ability to render 120 frames per second consistently caught the eye of programmers all over the globe.

Since then, there has been an increase in interest in Flutter & Mobile app development. Reflect, Google Ads (Well… Why Not?) are some of the most notable Flutter design examples. ), Groupon, BMW, eBay, etc.

Flutter: How it Saves Programmers’ Time?

Flutter is fast, simple to use, efficient, and time-saving. Declarative programming is based on logic and results. This simplifies the process, even though it skips many steps.

Hot Reload allows you to make code changes immediately, which can help you save time and cut down on your work. This makes bug fixing and testing much easier. You can also conduct all your fun experiments right from the hot reload.

Third-party integrations make it possible to access native features and can reuse the code, Swift or Kotlin, if necessary.

Although it is cliché, have you ever tried to build a Lego house? The Flutter App Builder offers a similar feeling to building an app. You can be creative and experiment by mixing and matching code variants. This is not only a great opportunity for developers but also Hot Reload and customizable widgets (which are provided by flutter). You can also save time building MVPs and get started on user testing right away.


*No Apps Like Flutter

Flutter is a unique and widely accepted approach to mobile app development. Flutter has no competitors in its field and is on its way to becoming a household name. The development team has been working to fix bugs that were previously viewed negatively and improving each release.

*Instant Changes

Flutter’s Hot Reload makes it easy to make changes immediately visible in the app, which saves a lot of time. This feature is very useful for testing software and fixing bugs.

*Single-Code Base

Flutter does not have separate codebases for each platform. Instead of having multiple codebases, Flutter uses one codebase for all platforms. Flutter makes maintenance easier and faster, allowing developers to focus on more important tasks.

*Enhanced user experience

The Flutter widget uses Material and Cupertino and looks great. It provides a user-friendly and flexible UI experience.

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*Swift & Efficient

Development is easier than ever thanks to the user-friendly approach and widgets. A flutter app developer can work more efficiently because they spend less time on each project. This allows the firm to increase its employee base.

*Web Browsers that Support

Web browsers weren’t supported in previous Flutter versions. However, progressive web apps and single-page apps are now possible.


*Bigger App Sizes

Flutter contains the entire runtime. There is no dependency on the Android SDK version. It will therefore be larger.

*Lack of Resources

Programmers who are just starting can benefit from the many available resources. Flutter is still a new framework so it needs to be maintained regularly. Many of the programs that you will need to create must be made from scratch.

*Dart is a Programming Language

Dart, despite being based on JavaScript, is still relatively new and not well-known. Even if you have years of experience, Flutter can be learned completely from scratch.


If your app needs to be ready quickly or you are developing an MVP

Flutter’s builder tools, embedded functions and customizable widgets make it easier to develop than many other applications.

*If you require a complex user experience

Flutter lets you customize every pixel in the project. This allows you to incorporate your design and style into the project. Flutter allows you to create an engaging user experience with a minimal development cost.

When your app needs exceptional performance

Bridges are required to connect with other platforms. Flutter is not an SDK that’s available in your immediate area. Flutter is a performance-oriented app that doesn’t require any modifications.

*When Deadline Is Near

Flutter makes it easy to write code quickly, which helps speed up the app development process. The team has made it easy to use the templates, which are fun and easy to incorporate into projects.

Flutter is an amazing application with many unique features. It requires dart knowledge and creativity. It is not always perfect. It could take forever to develop complex systems, like games, or any other system that requires deep integration.

You will still need to create native code and call it from Flutter if you want to access advanced platform-specific features. Many Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and custom camera access require native code. You could not wrap it in Flutter because you lost the native feel and didn’t save enough time.

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Flutter is a great choice for simple apps but it won’t replace native. Although there are still many things to improve on the libraries and resource base, it is possible to expect a stronger update in the near future.

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