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How to Use a Free Article Directory for Internet Marketing

Article Directory allows users to submit articles on a wide range of topics free of charge. These articles serve as an online encyclopedia that covers the most popular topics on Internet and pop culture.

Article directories allow companies to publish information about their market or industry and link back to their site. It is possible to increase your Internet exposure and traffic if it is a well-written article that is optimized with Search Engine Optimization principles. There are many article directory websites.

You should carefully choose based on its professional appearance and relevance to your products, services, or demographic.

Learn more about how article directories can be used for Internet marketing.

  1. Make sure you have enough money to cover article submission marketing. It is important to test it before you adopt it on a large scale. However, it will cost money to hire SEO writers and/or spend hours editing, posting, and tracking the Return On Investment (ROI). Your internet marketing team should have already researched the keywords most associated with your company or website.
  2. Look online for articles and websites. Create a list of directories accepting well-written, free articles. Make sure that every directory you have has an author (or resource) box that allows for your name, company and a brief biography about yourself.

Go to to get a list of the Top major article websites. You can also search the Internet for a “free article directory” to find sites that appeal to you. Remember that they won’t allow you to link back to your site if they don’t support it.

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  1. Start small by selecting your favorite article directory, and creating an account. Once you are comfortable with the process, you can grow.

SEO Article Writing

  1. Write well-written articles between 250 and 600 words. Different article directories have different word limit minimums. You can submit articles in one of these ways:

You can assign articles to yourself and other high-ranking employees of your company. Remember that each article must be original and based on industry research. An article directory site can have a title such as CEO, CFO, or Executive Director.

Hire SEO writers to create your articles. Your internet marketing department may have skilled SEO writers, but you might need to hire someone else. SEO writers who are experienced can write quality articles and use keywords that relate to your company to help it rank high on search engines.

Ask an expert in the field to create an article. If you want to promote a gym or a yoga instructor, ask them to write an article on yoga as stress relief. Because the articles will be published online by the yoga instructor, the link to the company will also be displayed, which will help build a portfolio.

  1. All articles should be reviewed by someone in the marketing department. You should never publish anything online without proofreading and editing. These guidelines should be followed by the editor when writing article directories.

Make a catchy, short title. This title will be displayed on search engines and attract readers. Instead of writing “How do I create a yoga practice that relieves daily stress”, you might instead write “A Stress Relief Yoga Guide.”

Be sure that the article doesn’t directly promote your products or services. Article directories can be valuable as they establish you as a trustworthy company and link to the website. Indirect mentions of products are best. It is great to describe the benefits of using a service but not to name it.

Near the beginning of your article, use keywords that are related to your website. Search engine ranking is established in the first few sentences. Make sure you include at least some of the keywords people use to find your site, at the start.

Bullet points, short paragraphs, subheadings, and pictures are all good options. This increases the readability of your article. However, it is often controlled by the article directory. So make sure you consider this when doing your directory research.

Article Directory Marketing

  1. Send your articles to the directory. You can submit one or two articles at a given time. Remember that article directory services can refuse to approve, edit, or deny your article.

It is a great idea to include SEO articles in your Internet marketing funnel. This will ensure that you continue to submit them to increase your reach. This will allow you to increase the quality of your articles over time.

  1. Your website should be set up to track any web traffic from the article directory site. This feature is already included by many business web hosting companies. However, you can create a free Google Analytics account and embed a website tracking link, if allowed by the article directory. You can track your ROI by keeping track of website traffic.
  2. You can post different articles to 2 or 3 additional article directories. Sometimes articles can be reworked using the same information to inform others about a new topic. These websites can track the web traffic they generate.
  3. You can share your top articles on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Providing educational content is a great way to increase the reach of your account. New clients will likely visit your site if it gets shared and re-tweeted.
  4. Ask your marketing department for information about any increase in traffic from article directories. This can be done after one month or three months. Examine the return on investment for this Internet marketing investment and decide if it’s high enough to continue.

If your ROI is low, you can stop posting new articles. Article directory marketing is not effective for all types of businesses.

If you have a high ROI, ask your employees to become more involved in article writing and register with new directories. Some of these will produce better results than others.


Google and other search engines have been trying to eliminate poor-quality writing from the first page of search results. It is important to carefully choose your article directory websites, to avoid duplicate articles, and to maintain high standards.

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To entice people into visiting your site, offer a coupon code or free service if the article directories permit it. To see if your site is popular, take a look at the work of other authors. While some sites view this as an unacceptable hard sell of your product, others see offers as a great way to get customers.

Internet marketing is crucial because it aligns with how consumers make buying decisions. Hire an internet marketing expert for making your site grow.