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Food Delivery App Development: A Step-by-Step Guide

When the food delivery app just started their service of delivering happiness at the doorsteps of people, no one had it in mind that one day it would become such a vast industry. The people in their world today don’t move on their feet anymore, they get all of their tasks done with a few taps on their devices.

The popularity of on-demand food delivery app development has been increasing with every passing second and the spotlight is on food-delivery apps. From ordering kitchenware to medicines, from booking flight tickets to getting food delivered at your doorstep, your mobile apps got it all covered. And needless to say, everyone prefers this way. It is more efficient, more time-saving and effective. and moves in snaps of fingers. From booking cabs to ordering food, even window shopping has moved to the online stores.

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Quick Look At The Food-Delivery App Market

Food is the thing that can make anything alright. Wars have started and ended for food. And let’s be honest, haven’t you too fought over your favorite dish’s bigger bite? The online food market is expanding by every spoon of food ordered online.


  • As per Statista, the food-delivery market of the internet already thrived with US$122,739m, at the end of the year 2020.

  • It is also predicted that by the end of 2024 this market size will reach a whopping sum of US$164,002m.

  • Talking about the picture, by the year 2030, the online food delivery market will have a value of $300 billion.

Do you too have been wondering about what it is like to actually develop a food delivery app? Who can do it, what does it require, and how much does it cost? Well, if your answer is yes, fortunately, you are on just the right web page. Further in this blog we are going to discuss a detailed guide for the Food Delivery App Development process.

Steps To Follow For A  Food Delivery App Development-

Build your app with powerful features

The element that determines seamless working and high popularity in apps is the features of that app. For an on-demand app like a food-delivery app, there have to be at least three different working panels for different interfaces.

The customer’s panel has all the features that a customer requires to order in a restaurant. These features include- a search bar, placement of the order, tracking of order, payment portals, dine-in availability status along with reviews and ratings.

  • Search bar: This assists users in discovering nearby restaurants, cafes, bars, GPS, and also different cuisines. To make the process of ordering food extremely easy, food delivery apps also let you apply various filters so you can find exactly what you were searching for.

  • Placement: The customers can easily place their orders with a few taps on their mobile screen. The app helps in the same with intuitive navigations to reach the checkout window.

  • Tracking of order: This feature allows customers to track where their happiness is at. In other words, Such a feature lets customers keep a track of their order location with the integration of GPS.

  • Payment portals: To run a powerful and popular food delivery app you must integrate your app with different payment options. Users prefer to pay for their orders with credit/debit cards, wallets like UPI, Payment, Paypal, etc.

  • Availability status: Your users should be given the option to see the availability of dine-in tables through your app. While you provide them with this facility you might as well keep the process of booking the table simple.

  • Review and ratings: Believe it or not, Feedbacks allow two-way communication with you and your customers. Feedback will let you know the reputation of your services and also give you the tactics for what to implement next.

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Secondly comes the Driver’s Panel which has its own set of required features to enable drivers to deliver products to the customer’s door. It comes with the getaways to login/sign-up, a profile section, a notification bar of orders, and GPS integration for location tracking.

  • Signup or login: Your app should allow users to be able to sign up with platforms like Gmail, Facebook or Google. The registering and signup procedure should be as simple as possible.

  • Profile: Your drivers must have a profile that consists of their photo, personal details such as name, email address, contact number, and other important information.

  • Notification: Such a feature flashes push notifications as soon as the drivers are given a new delivery assignment. The notification should be loud enough so that the drivers don’t miss a beat of it even if the app is closed.

  • GPS map integration: If you want your order to be delivered on time, you must give your drivers the shortest routes possible which will only be achievable if you integrate it with a map.

The last one is the Admin’s Panel which is also called the Dashboard’s Panel. This panel comes with features such as, a monitoring tool, management tools, an updates section along with a payment management tool.

  • Monitoring Tool: The admin should be able to get a record of Drivers, deliveries, scheduled/cancelled orders, and data related to drivers on his panel.

  • Management tool: The admin should be given a management tool so he can manage every activity from pickups, to dispatch, and scheduled orders.This feature ensures that the orders are processed in a systematic manner.

  • Updates: Any update that ranges from both restaurants or orders should go through the Admin and this feature ensures that..

  • Payment and commission management: This feature ensures that the owner is the one to fix on payments and the rates of commissions. This feature also gives management tools to make payments.

You must hire from the top food delivery app development companies which are promising and committed to developing an app that is at least integrated with the features mentioned above.

What Is Your Target Audience?

The task of determining what your Target Audience is, isn’t an easy task. You can start it by pondering over the thoughts like- Who are you creating this app for? Defining your audience will help you to generate revenue and also set the trends for your app marketing.

Talking more about your target audience, online food delivery apps are mainly used by people who don’t often have the time to cook, such as students, the people with a working-class lifestyle. Hence you should take a look at the market size of food delivery apps for different age groups and different locations. This will help you discover who you are building your app for.

Validate Your App With A Food Ordering App Development Company

Building an app requires going through many steps. However, what you should start with must be consulting with reputed food delivery app development companies.

Someone who provides food delivery app development services will give you insights into the market trends, the features you will need to incorporate to meet the needs of your target audience along with the technicalities.

Before you invest all of your treasure into developing an app, you must know what all it takes for a food delivery app to be successful.

Cost To Develop A Food Delivery App?

The cost of app development depends on various factors. The kind and number of features, the time period given for the development of an online food app along with the number of developers will determine the cost of your app. Furthermore, the complexity of features, the location of the office and various other factors too will put an impact on the final cost of the app.

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