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Healthcare and pharmaceutical industry electronic signature solution

Documentation that contains sensitive and confidential information is a critical part of the Healthcare and Pharma industries. This information must be stored in a secure and efficient manner that is only accessible by authorized persons. These sectors are moving at a rapid pace to adopt the digital approach such as electronic signatures in order to reduce paper usage and increase document security.

Before a drug can be released to the public, pharmaceutical companies must go through multiple stages of clinical trials. This process can take more than a decade, and many documents are created during it. Even hospitals, health insurance companies, and healthcare providers generate a huge amount of paperwork every day. These documents must be signed by the relevant authority. They should also follow certain rules.

eSignly solutions are Public Key Infrastructure-based electronic signatures, which are compliant with HIPAA Part 11, 21 CFR Part 11, and the Indian IT Act 2000. eSignly digital signature software supports both cloud-based and on-premise solutions. It supports complex and diverse signing of documents. eSignly allows healthcare professionals to digitally sign and authenticate documents. This saves time, money, and paper. eSignly is the preferred choice for the Healthcare and Pharma industries in order to increase productivity and help them transform from paper-based to paperless operations.

For the following documents, digital signatures are possible in Healthcare and Pharma.

  • Medical Reports
  • Forms for HR
  • Place Orders
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Data from clinical trials
  • Patient discharge summary
  • Agreements

Benefits of digital signature:

  • Signing faster, saving time and money
  • Data encryption and decryption for the sensitive patient and research data
  • Protect the privacy of both the patients and the organization
  • With bulk digital signatures, you can easily process hundreds of documents, forms, claims, and reports.
  • Staff productivity and efficiency can be improved by removing paperwork and giving them more time to care for patients.
  • Signatories can digitally sign anywhere and anytime from any device.
  • Data storage and retrieval are simple
  • Conforming to global e-Signature laws

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