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Office environments create a lot of waste paper. A lot of documents are printed for getting approvals as most of us believe that the physical signature is needed on documents. Its time for organizations to shift to a more environment-friendly yet more secure and efficient way of signing business documents which can be done by electronic signature. Organizations can significantly lower paper consumption by integrating paperless solutions to avoid the unnecessary printing of paper.

Electronic and digital signatures are recognized and legally binding means of signing electronic documents in most countries around the world. The electronic signature laws around the world support and encourage the adoption of digital signatures. There are several other advantages of replacing physical/hand-drawn signatures with digital signatures apart from reducing carbon footprint.

  1. Increase process efficiency: Organisations can save on the time required to print, transport, and sign physical documents. Electronic documents can be digitally signed from anywhere, anytime with a click from any device.
  2. Better security: Digital signatures are by far the most easily verified and the most reliable with respect to providing document integrity. If a document is tampered with after signing the digital signature becomes invalid. A digital signature is embedded within the document and cannot be forged.
  3. Cost-cutting: Going digital cuts down costs related to printing, distributing, and storing physical documents.
  4. Easy to store: Digitally signed electronic documents are easy to store and can be retrieved easily when needed. Digital signatures protect the authenticity and integrity of archived data.

Businesses today should commit to reducing their carbon footprint. Digital signatures are a necessity for implementing secure paperless offices.

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