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Tips on How to Choose The Right Android App Developer For Your Project

Android is the most popular Operating System used by the maximum percentage of people around the world. Android holds nearly 87.4 percent of the mobile market today as per the Stats reports. And this makes sense to have an Android app today to reach out to more users across the globe.

You may get surprised to know that around 68 percent of the smartphones available in the market run on Android OS, this platform supports over 4000 devices, and this Operating System backs nearly 70 percent of the tablets. Android is open source, supports multiple languages, is extremely easy to use, supports Java, offers high security, and has a consistent and stable design.

All these reasons and the higher percentage of the market share Android holds, make it imperative for every business to have an Android app today. But do you think hiring an Android developer with all the required set of skills and abilities can be that easy? No. There are millions of android developers worldwide today, and finding out the right one for your next project can be a little difficult. Here are some key tips that can help you choose the best professional for your app development.

Tips to choose the right Android programmer.

Look for a programmer with strong technical knowledge:

Developing Android applications need expertise and mastery in certain skills and technologies including knowledge of different programming languages, their basics, and syntax, knowledge of different Android Software Development Kits or SDKs to speed up the app development process and ensure better results, familiarity with Android Studio, knowledge of APIs, use of databases, understanding the basics of material design, and knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Ask whether the developer has a strong grasp of these before choosing.

Experience matters:

Yes, experience matters a lot. Choosing to work with an experienced developer will always ensure a better outcome. A more experienced developer will be able to easily understand your business requirements, make use of the tools and technologies in the best possible way to meet your business needs, and will end up with a more ROI-driven application.

Check the portfolio or the previous projects of the professional:

Checking the portfolio of the developer is important before choosing as the portfolio having the details of the past projects can give a clear picture of the quality of work the programmer delivers. Maintaining the quality standards of the projects is important to stay above the competitors on the Google Play Store.

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Post-development support:

Ask about the post-app development support and what is included in the post-development services. An app needs to be maintained and kept updated always with the advancements in technologies. And this makes it essential to look for a developer or a development company that offers post-development services as well.

App development charges:

Ask about the total app development charges or the cost of mobile app development you will need to pay. Make sure to keep everything within the budget or just a little higher than your budget but do not compromise on the quality factors. Also, ask about the hidden charges if any.

Innovation is a necessity for the future:

If you have an app development idea, clearly explain the same to the developer to check how much interest the professional has in your project and how much he or she can understand your vision and requirements. If you find the developer is interested in your project and has clearly understood what you are looking for then ask the professional to show some of his or her projects that show innovation and creativity. An innovative app is what you will need in this competitive environment so consider this point before choosing your programmer.


In recent years we will see more and more businesses going for Android app development. The number of Android users is also expected to keep on increasing shortly because of the features and the ease of using these devices and the apps on Android. With this, developers need to learn about the latest Android app development tools and technologies to build highly competitive apps for businesses in the days to come.

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