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How to Optimize Your eCommerce Website for SEO

Despite using SEO and keyword-optimized posts, are you still failing to bring up your organic traffic? Most brands find that after going for the best eCommerce website design and months of trying they still aren’t able to reach their desired target audience and this leads to low sales and conversion rates. These ideas may be hidden in your web analytics report, and if you haven’t been keeping up to date all these months it’s high time you start now.

Google Analytics is a tool that helps you to understand your website and improve your organic traffic in search engines.

Couple of ways in which you can use Google Analytics to improve your overall reach

Website page speed

Speed has become one of the most important factors in rankings and you can now access your site’s loading time through a range of online tools like Page Speed Insight or GTMetrix. Many brands have started finding out how long their websites take to load, as this can affect the conversion rate and prevent users from coming back to your page. The page speed reports will inform you which pages need improvement and how long your page takes to load. The lower the loading time the better your user response will be. You can use several speed improvement techniques, like image optimization, using a caching engine, CDN, and more.

Organic search engines

Once your website is verified on Google your data will appear on the Google search console. If you’re wondering how to link and verify your site on Google, just go to the search console and add your details over there. You can verify it with the following, HTML file upload, GA tracking code, Google Tag manager, and more. Once verified, you can link all your products to your Google page and select the views to associate the link with. After you link, you will have an additional report and can see the search console section with important data. These queries will give you information and insights as to which pages on your website appeared in the search engine. Hiring SEO consultants could be beneficial for the business


Certain eCommerce website designs target specific locations. Take for example a restaurant, location is key for this brand and their analytic tools can give them in-depth location traffic data. It can tell you which country, state, or locality your customers are coming from. If your local business isn’t getting enough attention from your neighborhood, then you need to work on its local SEO.

Mobile phone optimization

With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, an eCommerce web development company will ensure that your website is well optimized for mobile devices. If you have a responsive, phone-friendly website, chances are that most of your sales are coming from smartphones and tablets; you can check the same in your analytics report. Having more than half of your audience from smartphone devices is a good indicator that Google thinks that your website appeals to most customers. Metrics will give you the number of mobile devices used, and the conversions as well as compare it to desktop visitors.

Customer preferences

Google can categorize users based on their preferences and what they require. This can be found on Affinity Categories in-market segments. With SEO, you can divide this into two categories. One is the Affinity category which lists the preferences of users higher up in the buying funnel; like people who have just begun their search for products and services. The second is the In-market segments which are people at the lower end, like people who have found what they want and are ready to purchase it on your website. These categories can help you decipher which visitors will lead to sales and which one you need to tweak your content and links for in order for them to engage with your site. For example, targeting people looking for jobs is important to an IT firm but not as important as bringing in more customers and clients who are seeking to buy new software and services in the market. This will take first preference and will lead the firm to change its content, links, and page searches to suit this new clientele. This will help the company increase its career opportunities.

In Conclusion

The information will help you explore the world of web analytics to improve your SEO. This in turn will allow you to increase conversions and leads. A website is the most important tool to have today and you need to ensure that it is fast, and efficient, with quality content, high-resolution images, and a quick loading time. This will ensure that customers will find your page efficient and start purchasing products. Also, keep track of your site regularly to help you improve the same.

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