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Important Elements Of UX design That Impacts SEO

Unlike ten years ago, when ranking websites was solely dependent on backlinks and keywords, today, user engagement elements like sessions and bounce rates have become a significant UX design factor while getting the websites to rank on the search results page.

Google acknowledges human behavior when observing the websites that are worthy enough to rank at the top. Hence, UX development and usability have become essential for SEO today. Ux designs can prove to be very beneficial in supporting engagement.

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Below, we have prioritized central practices that leverage the UX design by the best design studios in India to assist your website’s overall performance.

• Clarify Your Website’s Navigation

One customary conflict between SEO and UX design is that SEO often creates a robust site structure with too complicated navigation. However, having only one user-friendly and content-rich page can be the best asset for your project for different search queries.

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All you need is that the users can navigate your site conveniently. Complex navigations can highly disturb your user experience while causing them to leave. Instead of improving SEO now and then, think about whether your web site’s pages are accessible enough to the users or not.

• Utilize the UX Design

There are numerous cases where the layout design and the content formation type can disrupt SEO. It would help if you focused on the aesthetics, like having perfect text and headers.

But, what if the UX design by the best design studios in India can perfectly blend with On-page SEO? Well, this could be great for the generation of traffic to the website.

A few factors to keep in mind while infusing UX design by the best design studios in India to assist SEO- friendly layouts are:

1. Digestible Content: Remember to avoid heavy writing on the pages and make it easy to read and understand. Make it well organized by using images and headers while still retaining good SEO. Include lists, tables, and bullet pointers to promote the featured snippets and get the most out of them.

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2. Include Videos & Images: Try to teach videos and images wherever possible in the content. Visual media is not only good for SEO, but it also engages the users. Remember always to include relevant media.

• Optimization Of Site Speed

One of the most powerful yet ignored tools for UX designing purposes by some of the best design studios in India is SEO- friendly layoutsGT Metrix. It provides all the data regarding the performance of the website.

This allows the UX designers from the best UI UX agency in India to observe and understand essential insights like minifying CSS and HTML and optimizing redirects and images.

In addition to it, there are other tools like Google Page Speed Insights to improve the site’s performance and speed. For UX designers, they can offer insights into various ways where a website can perform better in all aspects.

• Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsive design is the most mandatory aspect of both SEO and usability, as more than half of the traffic is being driven via mobile searches. Today, the majority of UX designers prioritize these designs in every project they are engaged in. But, if your website is not responsive, you’ll see the metrics are performing poorly for these devices.

Nonetheless, you can always check the mobile responsiveness by using the Google Mobile-friendly testing tool.