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Is Your Company Ready To Move Forward And Jump On The PWA Trend?

This development style is one of the newest styles of development, but it is already so popular. There are many reasons behind its popularity, and one of them is that it gives the users experience of a native app on the web. The users have to open the PWA just like they open a website, and they will get an experience like they opened a native application on their device.

These are single-page applications where you don’t keep reloading. When you navigate through the tabs or pages, you see a transition screen and not blank pages that are loading. This is the type of hybrid app development service.

Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web applications are web versions of native applications. They are also considered hybrid applications as they can run on any device irrespective of the native operating system. This is because they just need a browser to run on. To open a web application, the users just have to enter a URL, and after that, they can use the application. There are so many companies that already have their own progressive web applications, and they are happy with the results they are getting. There are so many benefits that we will read in the next part of the article.

More than 80 percent of internet users surf it over mobile phones. This increases the role of mobile applications. PWA’s are mobile applications only, they are just hosted over a web server, and they run on the browser. Though, they do use native components of the device like microphone, camera, sensors, etc. These applications are great for businesses. Be it a startup or a multi-national, all of them can use this new technology for their app-related demands.

Benefits Of Progressive Web Applications

It is because of the benefits that companies choose progressive web applications. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits that people want when they are opting for alternates of mobile application development services:

● Low Development Cost: Because PWA development is based on the top of the web development stack. It is really easy to develop these applications and because of web development components, the cost becomes really low. This is one of the reasons why many companies choose a PWA development company instead of a native app development company. Because it is a hybrid application, it can be used over multiple platforms having different operating systems. This reduces the cost that the companies have to spend when they want different apps for different platforms.

● Wider Reach: Because these applications are hosted on the web they get a wider reach. Not everyone who has a smartphone will have instant access to your native application. They will have to install it first and then they can use it. When it comes to PWA, the users can use it just like they use a website. Also, because they are developed on top of web development frameworks, they are also eligible for SEO. That is something that businesses can use for their benefit. Adding content that is keyword rich, creating more backlinks can help reach more people through search results. Also, businesses can play with search advertisements. A mobile app development company will have to struggle a lot to get the application to reach that many people.

● No Dependency On App Stores: Because these are hosted on the web, they don’t have to wait for the approval of the app stores. There are many rules that businesses have to follow in order to get approved on any of the application stores. Also, if we talk about the android app store (play store), they charge 15% commission up to the first 1 million dollars and then 30% on anything more than that. This is when your application is not free to download. When you host it on the web, there are no restrictions and you don’t have to share what you earn with anyone. Hybrid app development services are allowing companies around the world to make what they want without worrying about restrictions.

● Better Security: In order to minimize the risks, Google has already switched from HTTP to HTTPS. This has made it compulsory for the website holders to switch their websites too. Similarly, Progressive web apps also use HTTPS, which offers a secure experience to users as well as the business. Therefore while implementing PWA, one need not worry much about security and potential risks regarding data anymore.

Is Your Company Ready To Move Forward And Jump On The Progressive Web App Trend

Progressive web apps undoubtedly fit in the current market demand. It has shown probabilities of bringing higher ROI and more prominent lead conversions. PWA not only results in higher customer satisfaction but also plays a very important role in adding value to the business and mobile application development services. But for checking whether the company is ready to move forward with this, one must follow the guidelines mentioned below:

  1. Identify the main aim of the progressive web app.
  2. Choice of appropriate technology and frameworks
  3. Picking out useful and dominant features
  4. Separating offline and online features of the app
  5. Hiring skilled developers or contacting any mobile app development company for better development and efficiency.


PWA is one of the most promising future technologies. It is fast, better than native applications in terms of cost, reach, ease of development, and more. They give even the smallest of organizations the power of the application interface. A PWA development company can give in-budget services according to the requirements. They might not be used for very complex applications but for general purpose apps, it is the better option. Also, they are hybrid so they can save costs and make development more efficient for both businesses and development companies.