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How Can Magento Help You Overcome Order Management Issues?

In today’s fast-paced world, e-commerce website development is critical, as e-commerce operators face ever-increasing client expectations, market changes, and supply chain complexity. To ensuring their business running smoothly, online retailers should take care of some process ranging from procurement and inventory management to customer service and post-purchase communications. So, when it comes to customer satisfaction each aspect matter but order accuracy and timely fulfillment are the key factors where the modern customers require faster delivery and better service, therefore making it more difficult for merchants to address their demands.

Effective order management requires access to real information such as process transparency and standby control across the entire supply chain all it can achieve if executed manually where the bigger industry who are using Magento for their e-commerce store can take advantage of Magento order management to take full control over their order related process across all channels.

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The top challenges which online retailers are facing:

Order Numbering

You can ensure order processing only if you have order number practice in place. Where Magento features a default ID assignment algorithm, labelling order automatically. Although, business requirements vary from one store to another, so some merchants feel the need to introduce custom order number which can get customize to their demands. Magento 2 custom order numbering enables configuring custom IDs for orders and related sales documents where the orders invoices, shipment and credit memos can be numbered in such a way so that it can become more informative for both admin and customers. So with the help of Magento custom order number, online retailers can introduce an effective and well thought of order numbering practice to their stores and better accounting means higher order accuracy.

Automatically create invoice and shipment for orders

Manual approach is not adequate for completing any task in a large scale business. For example, whenever an order is placed, or payment is confirmed manual generations of invoices and shipments or sending a notification to customers takes a lot of time so by automating these task processing of orders will be more effective than ever. So there is a Magento 2 extension which helps to optimize the issues for store owners called auto invoice which automatically creates invoices and shipment after customers finish their payment for concern orders. Then it will send a confirmation email of invoice or delivery to customers at the same time with the order confirmation invoice and shipment for order manually as before which can save a lot of time for dealing in the backend especially with a large number of orders.

Avoid a messy order list

Magento 2 allow admin to do actions such as cancel, hold and un-hold orders but not to delete them. Therefore as mentioned before in the order list there must be real order which is mixed with junk ones so when the number of order lists is increasing to thousand orders, then it will become very confusing to look also effect analytical or summarized results.

For deleting unwanted orders, you should help Magento developer to do his task by interfering with code structure or instead use an instant solution provided by the extension. So, there is a notable example of deleting orders for Magento 2 extension is providing complete deletion of unwanted orders along with that all relating data of invoices shipments and credit memos in the system. It means that you need to remove unnecessary orders and then link data which helped to clear out from the backend. Besides one kind of bulk actions is also enabled to delete as many orders as needed at one time. Therefore managing orders are now carried out more quickly with neat, clear concentrate on significant orders which they want to hold for some of the particular purposes of their business.

Improve checkout process

Checkout process may sound irrelevant at first, but it plays a vital role by giving all the essential information of order by the customer in their checkout process. Where order reviews do exist sometimes because people leave a few mistakes while filling the data. So it’s better if the checkout process is programmatically designed to increase the chances of collecting the invalid data such as zip code, phone numbers, name, and the city. Therefore with the help of order management check out process has become more comfortable and more convenient with accurate information.

Real-time Order Status Monitoring

There are numerous challenges related to order processing, but the majority of them are caused by the lack of real-time control among others even if you work clockwork in all stage sometime the process may slow you down. For instance, someone at the warehouse accidentally missed the time to hand over the package to the delivery team than the order hardly be delivered on time in this case. In such type of scenario, real-time order status tracking is essential to eliminate the information delays and ensure accurate, fast order execution where it allows sending out an automated email notification to responsible users when order the order status get changed.


So for wrapping up, to arrange and put orders in the backend into a proper and easy following path is no longer easy for all Magento e-commerce development owners. Hence if you want to reduce the efforts along with the human resource in checking and managing orders you have better take into consideration of choosing the best solution which can help you free from standard ways as before.

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