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Meet eSignly An Efficient and Powerful eSignature Tool

Today’s world is full of mind-blowing innovations. One of the ideal innovations that are transforming many sectors is the powerful electronic signature technology. The technology was designed as a replacement for the traditional paper handwritten signatures. Esignature solutions were developed with an aim of accelerating the transformation of paper offices to digital offices.

The adoption of this technology is gaining deep roots due to its popularity as it has been in the market for over 20 years now. This technology is associated with the ability to remove many inconveniences that are resulted from traditional methods of signatures techniques. E-signature conveniences are encouraging all sizes of businesses to adopt the tech.

The most reason for the use of e-signature is that they are very easy, time-saving, and secure. For example, esignly makes it simple to use PDF in data transfer and sharing. A PDF is a very convenient and easy technique for sharing documents between devices and users.

It’s the most commonly used file format on the Internet. Its usefulness has contributed to the use of Esignly electronic signatures as a method of signing them directly rather than printing them out, signing, scanning, and then sending them back is a tedious activity.

So, why is Esignly referred to as an efficient and powerful esignature tool?

For optimum chance to enjoy e-signature services, Esignly is one tool you can use to make your signing work easy and also have confidential contracts and documents. The software is used by thousands of businesses every day.

Features of Esignly tool:

1. Security

One of the key features of this digital electronic signature is that it has a high-tech design that ensures you get the utmost security.

This is because Esignly is able to overcome all security challenges that might arise from the Internet. The software has a robust integrated cloud infrastructure with an optimized firewall and information protection rules for secure data storage.

In addition, it ensures private storage of your signed documents. Also, this software is very fast as it ensures a seamless flow of work within your team.

2. Self-signing

Esignly provides reliable and faster self-signing documents signing solutions. It’s software that enables you to sign all documents electronically in an efficient way. This is a revolution and feature that enables you to transform your signing life in a digital way. The feature gives you the power to sign and manage all your business documents easily and in one place. Through this, you can be able to focus on other important things. This is because you will just require a little time to sign the documents and use the rest of the time doing core business activities.

3. Scheduled signing

Using Esignly, you will be able to schedule the time and dates for signing your business documents. This is a very great feature for business as it will allow customers to sign the documents at their convenient time and dates. Also, it’s a great way to improve cooperation between your business and your customers. This feature helps you save more time and make your business grow from anywhere.

4. Support many Applications

Esignly supports many applications such as Drive Evernote, Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, and many others. This will therefore give you a chance to choose a favorable application that will have a positive impact on your customers. The feature ensures easy to export and import of documents from the cloud to other applications.

5. Management tools

This technology has a team management tool that will help you as the admin to view and configure all your team documents. In addition, you will be able to access the team settings.

6. Easy to use Application Programming Interface

This digital electronic signature has been integrated with easy to use API. This will enable you to build your esignature app quickly. The software also supports all kinds of devices such as Android, Windows devices, tablets, etc.

7. Cloud storage

The Esignly software stores the digitally signed documents in the cloud. This provides easy access to your documents. Also, the cloud storage ensures your documents are up-to-date always.

8. Templates

The templates will allow you to set, sign, and merge commonly used documents. The templates can be used repeatedly.

9. Branding

Another great feature of this electronic signature is that you will be able to add your business name and logo when signing your documents. Also, you will be able to brand all your signature pages and emails.

10. an Audit trail

For an easy audit trail, each signed document will have your comprehensive log details such as email, address, name, day records, and occurrence time of all activities.

11. Flexible workflows

This is software that will help you simplify and accelerate your business workflow. The Esignly is designed with the ability to enable simultaneous signing of the documents by many people at go to ensure you save more time.

12. Notifications alert

This is a feature that will enable you to get alert notifications when a document has been signed by your customers or when your documents are been reviewed.

13. Faster and reliable Customer care services

The Esignly services providers are very responsive and helpful to you when you are in need of any help with either app or even your signed documents.

14. Support many files format

You will be able to upload up to 17 file formats using Esignly. Such file formats include Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, and many others. This is to ensure you get a simple time when uploading your documents.

15. Instant verification

The software will instantly help you check and ascertain that all your documents are legitimate, authentic, and haven’t been altered with or forged.

16. Compliant

Esignly electronic signature is under the legal binding of Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act and Uniform Electronic Transactions Act. This is to ensure authenticity and compliance.


It’s evident that the use of Esignly signatures is a great step toward technological advancement in the world today. This is because they are more secure, reliable, faster, and cost-effective. This is achieved through increased productivity and efficiency in various sectors. One of the main factors that determine how your business will be successful is the power and efficiency of the digital esign software you use. Esignly is software that will fit your business needs and budget for effective digital transformation.

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