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The possible Challenges in the Offshore Software development and its solutions

When the idea of offshore software development was conceived, it was thought an outrageous idea. Software development has increased ferociously in the past last decade. In this digital age, every company needs to digitize in order to step ahead and succeed in the business.

What is an offshore development service?

Web offshore development is the practice of hiring an external organization or software agency to perform tasks that include web development, web application development, and mobile application development. It works as a partner company, which works with the client’s company and is located in a foreign country. India, Israel, and Russia are the primary providers of offshore development services all around the world.

Modes of Offshore development 

  • Hire offshore development company: Offshore development company consists of a team of developers who are proficient in software development technologies. It offers software development services at affordable prices.
  • Hire freelancers: There are plenty of freelancer developers offering software development services to the client. These freelancers work independently. One of the major drawbacks to hiring freelancers is that it is unsure to measure the competency and timely completion of the project.
  • Hire a team of developers: It is a fact that one developer cannot be an expert on multiple technologies. The team of developers consists of developers with proficiency in various technologies.

Benefits of offshore development for the Business

  • Marked-down prices: A major reason for the low cost of development of projects by the offshore company is the reduced cost of living. Countries such as India, and Russia dictate the software development services market with many complimentary services such as support services.
  • Supreme quality services: Offshore service providers offer high-quality development services to clients. The developers are proficient in the respective technologies and strive to work rhythmically with the client company to provide superlative services for projects.
  • No need for training: Offshore services eliminate the need to hire in-house developers. Hiring an in-house team costs a lot as it includes training, expansion of infrastructure, and many more cost. An offshore software development team consists of proficient developers and ready to offer services, the client need not spend on the training of developers.
  • Distributed responsibility: Offshore teamwork as a partner with the client. It shares equal responsibility with the client for the success of the projects. It completes the projects within the targeted time.

Offshore development is scalable and beneficial in the current scenario. With the development of technology and in the present environment umpteen companies are opting for offshore services.

There are several instances where software development projects fail.

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Listed below are the reasons pointed out along with the solution that is liable for the failure of software projects.

Vague project requirements: The first and foremost requirement for the success of projects is to state the requirements clearly. The client must state a detailed plan for the projects and lay down the aims for the projects. A poorly communicate project can be fatal for the development process and leads to unsuccessful projects.

Solution: Every project is distinct and different for every client. It is very crucial to go through the details with the help of several rounds of interviews. It is a basic requirement to get an -in-depth idea and clarify in case of any ambiguity. The company can lay down detailed information and added details.

Limited communication: Effectual communication is primarily for the success of any project. After taking down the detailed information on the projects, communication is necessary with the client to keep the client up to date with the developments and reviews. Often the offshore team finds it difficult to communicate and inflexible management does not do any good in initiating the process.

Solution: A healthy discussion is responsible for a successful and fruitful project. Technological advancement has granted us effective tools for powerful communication. The expulsion of the hurdle of communication ensures the motivation of the team and helps to address the roadblocks. Keep the client informed with shared reports and relevant information.

Poor planning: lack of planning for the development process can be fatal for the project. Several elements such as poor allocation of time and budget lead to the creation of a displeasing situation. It gives rise to stress and dismay.

Solution: Its responsibility lies on the shoulder of the offshore team to lay down the proper plans and devise a timeline. Include the top management in the planning process to control the execution of the project. Communicate with the client in the scenario if costs rise an up and projects get delayed, it is the best option to ensure the client for delivering a successful project.