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Popular Web Development Trends 2022

Are you building a website for your business? Do you want your website to be successful? Do you want to get a lot of conversion with your website? Well, if you do then this article is for you.

One of the best ways of getting a lot of visitors to your website is by following the web development trends. Now before you say that you like going against the trend, just hear us out. These trends are not just some fashion trends that wax and wane like the moon. These trends are actually tried and tested, based on the newest technologies available in the market, and bring maximum functionality to the users. To build a scalable website, it is absolutely important that you follow these website development trends.

Now that we have explained what web development trends are and why they are important.

It is time for us to tell you about the seven popular web development trends of 2022.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, the name is quite obvious in itself. AI is used to make the machines perform cognitive functions like learning user behavior, collecting data, and analyzing information without any manual help. When it comes to AI web development, the most popular application of AI would be that of a chatbot. These bots are integrated into the website to help visitors with any queries they might have. Even though chatbots have been there for a long time, the integration of AI into chatbots has brought them back into vogue and it is definitely the most popular trend in web development this year.

  • Progressive Web Apps

Another popular web development trend of 2022 is PWA or progressive web apps. These web applications will load like a regular web page, but don’t be fooled. They can also act as an app and have a high level of functionality. Perfect for those without a strong network connection, these apps/web pages load instantly without any lag and deliver a high-quality experience to the users. The great functionality is the reason why any top web development company in new york will go with the development of a PWA when they develop a website.

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PWA is not only functional, but they are also safe from data tampering and snooping, because of the application of HTTP in development. Complete with features like push notifications, you should definitely consider this trend if you are developing your own website.

  • Single Page Application

The single-page application is created by using Javascript. It is a web application that works well on any device and is extremely user-friendly. But it is also developer-friendly, reduces web development time, boosts performance, and there are no problems during page reloading with a SPA.

If you are looking to build a responsive website then a SPA is the perfect choice for you. These websites are supported by all kinds of devices, such as mobile, tablet, and even desktop apps. Using react and Angular framework would also make it easier to develop as a hybrid app. So make sure that when you hire a hire web developer, who is familiar with the development of SPA.

  • Mobile-friendly Website

Since most people are accessing the web on their phones, it goes without saying that the development of a mobile-friendly website is going to be one of the top web development trends of 2022. These websites can fit on any screen and deliver maximum functionality due to the newest technologies available for functional web designs. In fact, if you want your business to rank on SERPs, then you have to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly, as it is part of Google’s guidelines on how to rank your page.

  • Motion UI

The Motion UI is going to be part of the web development trends in 2022. The beautiful animations and dynamic graphics add to the amazing user experience. On top of that, the storytelling power of motion UI is something that every website can use, to communicate with the site visitor and work towards converting them into being clients.

With Motion UI, developers can animate content easily and create beautiful transition effects that seem almost effortless. So if you want to use the power of storytelling to capture the attention of the users, then make sure to follow this web development trend.

  • Voice Search

Another interesting web development trend of 2022 is going to be voice search. You can not overlook this trend if you want to develop a website that is user-friendly. The chance to search for what you want without having to type it is something everyone wants to make use of. And that is why all website development agency is making use of this technology when developing websites for their clients.

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  • Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is a trend that never goes out of vogue. It has been of absolute importance since the beginning of the internet and it is still of utmost importance when you are developing your website.

Data breaches, cyber threats, hacking, and data theft are only a few of the cyber risks your website is going to face. And along with the improvements in technology, the number of cyber risks is also increasing every day.

And that is why you will see all web development company integrate the right security measures for the websites when developing them. Implementing the security measures from the very beginning is not only going to make your website safe from the beginning but it will also save your data from being stolen and manipulated for malicious reasons.

As we said before, these above-mentioned trends are not like fashion trends. Web development trends are important to follow because they ensure a better user experience when they are visiting your website. And when the users have a better experience at your website, they will be more prone to convert into being your clients. So don’t think twice, follow these web development trends when you are developing your website.