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Best Features of School Inventory Management Software

You or your staff are wasting a lot of time searching for inventory management. Arion ERP school management system will help you to manage your inventory efficiently. You will enjoy seamless inventory management with the fully customizable system.

Your teaching staff should not be involved in inventory management. Instead, let them focus on the more productive tasks of teaching. Arion ERP school inventory software tracks every school’s materialistic assets, including computers and lab equipment. Our software is able to efficiently manage any purchase management process or stock transfer management.

Integrate your school management system and school inventory to keep your assets in good condition and ensure that efficient finance is used. A bird’s-eye view of all equipment in your school will allow the school’s management to better manage its finances. This will make it easier to track down and locate the asset.

School assets are always at risk of theft and loss. You can reduce the likelihood of such unfortunate events by keeping a track of your assets. Assets that are closely monitored and tracked are less likely to be stolen, damaged, or lost. This will make it easier to track and automate the tracking of your assets.

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Many school assets can be shared between different schools. Nobody wants to be responsible for the loss of school assets if they are stolen or damaged. This can be eliminated by streamlining school inventory management across all departments.

You will be able to use your resources more efficiently and spend less on maintenance. Arion ERP school management system can transform your institution’s operations and provide many transformational benefits.

Software for School Inventory Management Software Key Features

Bulk Inward of Inventory

An organization can bulk enter inventory using the inward option. This makes it easy for schools to manage inventory data with just one click.

Inventory Issue Return.

The organization can issue inventory to students and staff. They can also keep track of the returned items when they are returned.

Log Of Inventory.

An organization can keep a complete log of every item that is issued and returned. School Inventory Management Software also allows for the tracking of inventory remaining.

Alert: Inventory

The school can set the quantity and the reorder point for the inventory. Based on the reorder point, the school will receive the alert for inventory

Weighted Average Cost.

Multiple stock inward transactions by clients can help calculate the average cost of an item. The average cost of an item is determined using the item’s price.

Actual Time Update

School Inventory Management Software allows schools to get real-time updates and access all data from anywhere at any time.

School Inventory Management Software: Benefits

  • It is easier to manage the items.
  • This saves time and effort when managing manual work.
  • Keep track of all inventory that has been issued or inward.
  • Multiple reports available for inventory and inward issues
  • Get quick alerts to reorder your inventory.
  • Warehouse management using real-time data

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