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Questions To Consider Before Taking An App Development Outsourcing Project

App development outsourcing is not a new thing. In fact, this is a good thing that has led to the development of new employment avenues. Talent and earning have become globally available and have certainly improved work quality. A certain amount of competition has increased the odds of better working efficiency and has allowed people to earn on the basis of their talents; not just degrees.

Well, outsourcing, like every other thing comes with its own set of inherent pros and cons. And, this post is a comprehensive reflection on both of them. We have prepared this article based on our studies and information gathered from a software outsourcing company in India who have been into the business for a long time. As a vendor, what makes outsourcing good or bad and what things you should discuss with the client at the time of undertaking, forms the basis of this post.

So, here it goes…

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Questions You Should Consider Before Undertaking An App Development Outsourcing Project

What Are Their Expectations From The Development Process?

Every company in every country has a different plan and course of actions when it comes to project development. Hence, the client already has a perception of the working methodology of his own in his mind. Before you undertake a software outsourcing project you should consult the provider regarding the same. It becomes easier to provide the solutions and work perfectly if you have a clear picture of your client’s requirements in mind. So it is always an important a company must ask before undertaking an app development outsourcing project.

What Are The Technology; Platforms And Other Such Expectations?

There are very few people that are still stuck to the inflexible and rigid platforms. Most of the people are using modern and flexible platforms for App development. This makes it easier for them to incorporate changes or extend the functionality down the lane. Hence, you should always clear such requirements at the time of undertaking software outsourcing app development. Convey your ability or inability to do the same with full honesty. Otherwise, you might not only lose the client but can get a bad-mouthing in the industry as well.

What Are The Expectations Related To Scaling And Modifications?

Many people play sly and come with requests for modifications and expansions after the project/App has been delivered. They think that if you have developed the project, you are the best person to make the changes and scaling as well. However, they want this to be done without any extra payment. Hence, always clear the payment issues right before you undertake the project.

Which Are Communication Means To Use?

It is extremely essential to have a robust and reliable means of communication with the client. This will ensure that you are able to communicate freely as and when required. This will also make sure that you don’t miss any particular reminders. Further, as a software outsourcing company, there are many special reports such as status report; feedback report; and testing report, etc that are exchanged in between vendor and client. You should take care to finalize the means right before starting.

What Kind Of Access Is Permitted During Development?

When the software outsourcing company is given a task of upgrading or expanding some app or modifying the UI etc; some sort of access is required for necessary changes. Though complete access might or might not be given, this might influence the overall functioning and quality of the app. Hence, get things clarified when you start talking for a potential project.

Can You Have Access To The Previous Documentation Or References?

The master documentation and references might or might not be kept secret. However, you might need them for proper app development. If you feel that they are indispensable for the app development, you should ask for them and clear the issue.

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What Would Be The Payment And Payment Modes?

As a software outsourcing company, you should always ask about the payment matters without any shyness. Many clients take advantage of the hesitant developers and might even not pay them. So, ask about the payment; payment modes and even for the ‘pay as you go’ scenario; if it is applicable.

What Would Constitute The Full Delivery?

You should be clear about the things that will constitute the full delivery of the project. Documentation; prototypes; guidelines and any other details that the client wants with the app – you should always discuss the deliveries as well.

What Would Happen To The Prices Of Developing Any New Features?

Many times you are asked to develop a new module while developing the app. And, it might not be present in the initial set of requirements. It might also consume a lot of time and resources. So, you should consult with the clients regarding the payment of any such developments.

What Are Their Expectations From You As A Developer?

If a client chooses you for app development, then as a software outsourcing company you must have attracted him or her. You must ask about the same so that you are able to cater to his expectations in a better manner.

Well, these are top questions that every software outsourcing company must ask before undertaking an app development outsourcing project. So, always get them answered to make your association fruitful and fairly rewarding!

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