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Why Choose React Native For Android App Development?

The demand for Android apps is on the high due to the increase in the volume of mobile users. Businesses are developing suitable cross-platform apps to serve their cause and maintain the level of communication. It is in an outstanding position today to create a hybrid app for the business. Several companies like Facebook, Instagram, & Airbnb are using React Native for flexible operability.

React Native is allowing the construction of mobile apps using JavaScript. You can create suitable apps with beautiful UIs! It assists the creation of a real mobile app equivalent to the app coded in Java or Objective-C. The framework is using the same building blocks as Android & iOS to encapsulate the blocks together with JavaScript and React. Use React Native to develop next-gen Android applications for your business.

It ensures faster Android app development

The framework provides the best components for images, text, inputs, progress bar, scroll list, clipboard, animations, and more. Such components are ideal to speed up the app development process and save time in reloading the app without recompiling.

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It is having libraries like Redux and Awesome React Native so as to assist the faster mobile app development. Different development tools like Sentry, Yoga and React Developer Tools are helping to debug the development faster.

It has rich UIs (User Interfaces)

The platform has pre-built components like Slider, Button, Picker, and more to create unique UIs. There are multiple Android-specific components in it tive so as to make the apps work effectively. It includes DrawerLayoutAndroid, DatePickerAndroid, ProgressBarAndroid, TimePickerAndroid, and more.

It is a cost-effective app development process

The main aim of the business is to develop modern-day apps for easy functioning. Opt for the cross-platform app development process to get a better market penetration facility. The budget of the app development project will vary as per the app development platform selection. Select it so as to functional apps within a limited cost. It is a flexible platform that allows the designers to build apps as per the business need.

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It ensures easy and smooth updates

One of the crucial things with apps today is their update and easy maintenance capability. There can be times when your business app needs modification, even after publishing at the app store. Choose React Native for Android so as to process the updates simply!

It has a better debugging process

It has a single codebase and it makes the process of debugging easier. Developers select React Native so as to develop Android apps through a better debugging process. It can be a tedious process and the developer spends hours looking at the codes to rectify the problems.

Due to React Native, developers no longer need to invest more time in finding the bugs. You only need a single bug fix to re-energize the entire system. Also, the framework is having tools like and Nuclide to assist in the smoother debugging process.

It enhances the efficiency of native apps

The creation of native apps is considered ineffective or less productive. But, React Native is providing the same results for native apps, despite being of a hybrid nature. Also, the framework is having access to the famous ReactJS UI library. Develop native apps so as to improve the efficiency of your business and React Native is the preferred platform.

It allows third-party plugin support

You might need third-party plugins so as to include some relevant business functionalities. It supports the use of the third-party plugin to develop a powerful Android application. It provides two types of third-party plugins as native modules and JavaScript-based. Developers can take the help of plugins to come up with the best business app solutions.

It has strong community support

It is known to have the biggest community among all the cross-platform platforms. Developers can take the help of the community to get the best solutions to use the framework. Find libraries or relevant information on the community needed to develop React Native-based applications.


It is one of the demanding cross-platform development frameworks suitable for developing Android apps. It is important to hire experienced developers so as to get the best Android apps at a suitable price.

React Native for android app development is a flexible process that provides great results. Choose the platform that is simple to use and can be used to make relevant changes to your dynamic app.

It provides you with the opportunity to have a native app, without the need to develop one. Hybrid apps are high in demand in the industries and one can create such platforms using the cross-development platform.

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