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Skills to Look For While Choosing an Android App Developer

Indeed, the fastest-evolving technical field today in the world is Android app development. According to statistics, Android is the platform of choice for smartphone users worldwide and currently accounts for over 80% of the global mobile market share. There are so many IT giants in the world like Facebook, Google, and more that offer various opportunities to Android app development professionals. Also, the demand for Android app developer has increased over these years and is expected to continue to increase in the years to come.

With the increasing demand and popularity of Android devices including tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and desktops, it has become even more challenging and essential for developers to create apps for all Android devices to offer rich user experiences. And for this, it is crucial for every Android app developer to possess certain skills and abilities. Business owners also look for experts in this field to ensure a competitive and ROI-driven Android app built for their businesses today. To stay ahead in the competition, business owners look for developers who are well-versed in: –

  • Designing and building apps for all Android devices
  • Working with APIs and various data resources
  • Fixing bugs and enhancing the app performance
  • Researching and learning the new Android app development technologies, tools, and market trends.

5 tech skills you need to look for while choosing an Android app developer.

Must have a deep understanding of programming languages:

The very first and foremost skill you must look for in an Android application developer is a thorough understanding and proficiency in using different programming languages like Kotlin and Java. Java is actually considered the most essential and fundamental programming language required for building Android applications.

And it is important to have a solid knowledge of the syntax, basic, and advanced concepts of Java like the loops, classes, objects, OOP concepts, etc., to excel in this field. And when it comes to Kotlin, you must know that Google has already officially supported this language as one of the mandatory programming languages for creating Android apps. Hence, having proficiency in Kotlin is also a must. So, look for knowledge and expertise in these languages while choosing your developer.

Proficiency in SQL and XML:

Apart from having proficiency in Kotlin and Java, a good Android application developer must also have adequate knowledge and understanding of SQL for managing the data and databases, and for organizing the data and databases for the apps. This is crucial for building Android apps and sending and retrieving data to and from the database. Furthermore, it is essential to have a good knowledge of XML for describing the data for the app. XML is used to execute many tasks like parsing data feeds, controlling data presentation, etc., during Android app development.

Knowledge of UI and UX components:

Here is the third most important skill and ability you must look for in the developer and that is in-depth knowledge of UI and UX components. To stay above the competition with an engaging and user-driven Android application, it is important for the developers to understand the Android UI design guidelines and patterns in order to achieve the desired outcomes. Moreover, it is strongly recommended to choose a developer having knowledge of material design and other related concepts and principles.

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Familiarity with Android Studio and Android SDK:

Knowledge and expertise in using different development tools like Android Studio and Android Software Development Kit or SDK are important. Knowledge of these tools including libraries, debugging tools, and designing and development tools, help developers efficiently implement different desired features and functionalities to the app and seamlessly complete the development process. Also, Android Studio is considered the best IDE that comes with different in-built libraries and features and can be downloaded and used for free.

Proficiency in using Android APIs:

This is one of the must-have and core technical skills required for Android application development. Android API is concerned with a set of app development or programming instructions that the developers can reuse for creating apps. Also, it is crucial to have a good understanding of the RESTfu APIs, etc. Once the developer gains proficiency in using these APIs, it will be easier for the developers to implement the required features and functionalities into the application.


So, these were the five most essential and significant skills you must look for in the developer when choosing one for your project. Though it is not easy to find the right one today with innumerable developers around, enquiring about and looking for these above-mentioned skills can help you to pick the ideal android app developer to get an ROI-driven Android app built for your business.

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