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Small Business SEO: Ranking your business on top of Google

As a business owner, you must have become increasingly aware of the necessity of Digital Marketing Services in modern times, especially with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. When coming to the point of digital marketing, the one thing that you cannot ignore is the role of SEO or Search Engine Optimization of your business website.

It is because SEO is responsible for increasing the revenue of your business. So if you want to climb to the top of popular search engines, you must opt for the best SEO services that can help you to increase the revenue of your business exponentially.

So don’t get frustrated to see your competitors at the top rank of the Google search result, now it is your time to make your competitors jealous with top search engine results. But how can you do this? You can achieve this position with the help of small business SEO techniques especially if you have a small business.

What Are the Benefits of Small-Business SEO?

As a business owner, you must know that the post-COVID-19 world will be completely different from the pre-COVID-19 world as the habits and behavior of the customers will change according to the crisis of the world.

The most prominent example is that Google searches have rapidly increased in this COVID-19 time as now people prefer online shopping. So, it is through search engine optimization, that you can help your customers to find out your site when they search for a specific service of the product on Google, Bin, and Yahoo.

But make sure all the seo service provider factors are properly implemented in your Website so that you can drive more traffic to your page and thus generate more sales. So in the present time, SEO is considered an investment rather than an expense, especially for small businesses.

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Now look at some of the benefits of small business SEO:

– It is characterized as a low-cost but higher-ROI marketing technique.

– With this technique, you will be able to get free traffic, leads, and customers even without paying anything.

– SEO can help you to build the brand identity of your small business.

– SEO is the future of marketing, so it is not a good idea to ignore SEO for your small business.

– SEO is the best way to become competitive in the market.

Some Effective Tips for Small Business SEO:

Here look at some tips that can make you rank higher in online searches:

  • Search for Right Keywords:

It is important to find the words that your target customers are likely to use while looking for your product or service on the digital platform. So it is recommended to choose profitable keywords for your small business.

You must choose a keyword that has both high search volume and profitability. Again, long-tail keywords are also important as they are easy to rank. So, it is important to understand the intent behind a keyword.

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  • Develop a Mobile Friendly Website:

It is necessary to build a professional business website that can provide a rich user experience to your users. But how? Look at some tips by which you can make your website more user-friendly which include:

– Use your business logo and branding.

– Make sure your website loads in less than three seconds.

– Use a clean and minimal design.

– Avoid fancy styles.

– It must be a well-structured and easy-to-use website.

It does not mean that you have to waste a lot of money on building a professional small business website; rather you can create a professional small business website at much less cost only by investing in Search Engine Optimization.

  • Create a Separate Page for Each Product:

You can find most of your competitors listing all their products on one page mainly on the homepage, which is not a good thing. If you want to generate more traffic to your website, you must create specific pages for displaying your every product.

For example, suppose you have a clothing store. So you must build your website by separating pages for each product such as jeans> men jeans> blue jeans.

  • Use Schema:

There are several must-used schema types for every business such as product schema, local business, and FAQ that you should use in your small business website.

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  • Keep Business Listing Up-to-Date:

Business listing profiles such as Google My Business are very important for small businesses as they can help your website to rank higher on Google. So you should optimize your Google My Business in such a way that it can keep your website updated with the latest details such as working hours, images, phone numbers, email, etc. Thus, users will be able to get to know more about your business.


So, there is no denying fact that SEO can be your potential investment for your small business. In addition, if you follow the small business SEO tips as above mentioned, you can improve the ranking of your website on popular search engine results more efficiently.