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Top 10 Tools for Android Game Development

Game Development is a process through which developers can build a video or mobile operating game. The game is created by a game developer, which could be an individual or a game development company. There were the days when computer games and console games development used to require years of development time. Eventually, with the rise in the android game development software market lately, there have been gigantic development in the gaming industry. The Android Game Development tools played an indispensable part in the development of any game.

Games are by and large made as an creative outlet and furthermore to generate benefits for the mobile app developer. Considering that there are much more Android mobile devices available today in the market than any other operating system. The demand for applications and experienced Android game developers is simply going to keep on expanding in the future.

Android Game Developers can produce a variety of applications a lot quicker and all the more effectively on account of a sophisticated, Integrated Development Environment (IDEs) as well as other efficient tools and applications. There are a couple of best Android Game Development Tools that will more often than not appear again and again on Android developers “top picks” list.

Top 10 Tools For Android Game Development
Here is the list of most loved tools right now being utilized for best Android Game Development Software.

latest android game development tools

1. Unity

Unity3D has been one of the most incredible Android Game Development tools for the vast majority of the game developers for a long while now. This game engine has everything which you would have to make 2D or 3D games. This tool for Android Game Development has multi-stage support meaning you can assemble the game once and use it on all platforms be it mobile, consoles, or PC. There are an immense number of tutorials accessible to learn Unity, and it has an incredible community of Unity Android Game Developers. Utility likewise has an immense collection of game resources which are available for free of charge and also paid.
A few other inventive features of this tool are collaboration, graphics rendering, and next-gen runtime. It offers extraordinary and unique potential to the Android game developers of the gaming industry.

Games Developed Using Unity
Some of the famous games developed using the Unity Software are Temple Run, Angry Birds 2, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters, Mini Metro, Deus Ex: The Fall, Shadow Blade, Fallout Shelter, Angry Birds Epic, Scrolls, Lara Croft Go.

Unity has a free private version as well as a commercial license variant which sells at $35 and $125 monthly.

2. Unreal Engine

Undoubtedly Unreal Engine is one of the most well known tools for best Android game development as granted by Guinness World Records. It’s certainly the best tool assuming you’re chipping away at an enormous modern game and you really want a solid 3D game motor. The issue is that the size of the games will be generally larger and you’ll require top quality gadgets to run the games.
It has a variety of easy to use functionality, which you can find once you use it. Another advantage of Unreal Engine is that it has a user-friendly interface. You will truly comprehend and like the method involved with making incredible and engaging 3-dimensional graphics for your game with Unreal Engine Developers.

Android Games Developed Using Unreal Engine
A large number of the most well known games are built on Unreal Engine. The list incorporate – Tara, Blade and Soul, BioShock, Borderland, Mass Effect and so forth. It utilizes the node-base interfaces of interaction which helps with simpler coding and building game hassle-free. It positions the top tool for Android game development software.

The Unreal Engine platform proposes creator license and publishing free of charge. In any case, you are charged a custom price for using the custom permit or license.

3. Marmalade SDK

Marmalade utilizes the C++ code for Android game development software. It permits you to make anything from 2D single-player games to 3D multiplayer rapidly and run it anyplace you need. With Marmalade, you can make native games for mobile and computer desktop both. It offers numerous libraries, documentation, tools, and code samples to develop, quality assurance, and deploy games without any problem.
Marmalade SDK is utilized by quite a number of top Android game developers. It makes some one-time charge of $600 to buy the tool. The tool also provides another development tool called Marmalade Juice which helps in the simple porting of iOS games to the Android ecosystem by recompiling the Objective-C code and iOS API calls and adding Android specific optimization in the original iOS codebase.

The another tool it supports is called Marmalade Quick- assist with building the 2D games rapidly utilizing the Lua Scripting Language. The Marmalade SDK Platform won the Best Engines and Middleware category at the TIGA Games Industry Awards 2015

Android Games Developed Using Marmalade SDK
Popular games developed on this tool includes Doodle Jump, Bejeweled Blitz, Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies, Cut the Rope, Metal Gear Solid Mobile, SimCity Build It, Worms, the Guardian of Light, Need for Speed: Shift, and Lara Croft.

The Marmalade SDK proposes each license for $600.

4. AppGameKit

AppGameKit imparts a similarity to Marmalade of “write once and run anywhere.” It utilizes its own scripting language that is very simple to gain expertise over, as it is like C++. The game development tool is easy to use and takes special care of each sort of developer from amateurs to experts.
The best and outstanding feature of this tool is that it is a cross-platform game development tool. This implies that the games developed on this software are accessible on various platforms simultaneously. The platforms it supports are iOS, Windows, and Androids.

Android Games Developed Using AppGameKit
Rush to Adventure, Skrobol by LordZyx,and Na4 are some different games that are developed at this stage.

The Game Development Software for Android Classic Kit begins at $49.99. Additional bundles and DLC are accessible at additional expenses.

5. CoronaSDK

In a lot of the versatile game development tools, CoronaSDK is truly an outstanding tool for Android Game Development Software and Cross-platform as well. It’s not a difficult tool to learn and comprehend for new developers. The Android game developers can implement critical improvements instantly. It works effectively with the other technologies, such as C, C++, Java and HTML5.
CoronaSDK is a cross-platform game development tool utilized by countless game developers to build applications and 2D games for mobile devices as well as Apple TV and Android TV. It uses the scripting language Lua for building games. Corona Labs likewise guarantees that CoronaSDK is 10 times quicker than other engines to develop mobile games and applications.

Android Games Developed Using CoronaSDK
A few popular mobile games made by Corona SDK Developers– Blast Monkeys, Bubble Ball, Thief Job, The Impossible Test, Brain Lab and Freeze! – The Escape, The Secret of Grisly Manor, Draw Rider Plus, and Finger Hoola.

The basic variant of Corona SDK is Free. They likewise have an enterprise solution which cost $79/month, and another version of $199/month cost.

6. Cocos2D-x

Cocos2D-x is one more of the well known open-source best Android Game Development Tool along with having cross-platform support. However, it is used by a huge number of game developers from all over the global community of developers. It is majorly used to develop 2D games, however it likewise supports 3D games development too. The games built using Cocos2d-x can have size as low as 1.5 MB. The Cocos2d-x game engine uses OpenGL to deliver optimized 2D graphics.
Its central engine is well known for having the littlest impression, yet had the fastest speed of any other game engine. It works with Swift and Objective-C both and supports iOS and OS X. Different classes of Cocos2D prove to be useful while creating cross-platform mobile app games.

Android Games Developed Using Cocos2D-x
Clash of Kings, Geometry Dash, Barren Wasteland, Hill Climb, Contra: Evolution, 2048, Hardest Game Ever 2, DQMSL, Dragon City Tiny Village, Small Street, Tiny Tower, Pocket Planes, and Star Thief are some of the popular and highly successful Android Games Developed with Cocos2D-x.

Cocos2D-x is an open source tool, available for free of cost for Android Game Development.

7. Haxe

Haxe is an open-source programming tool like programming languages Java, C++, and PHP that similarly upholds Android and iOS platforms. It is a simple to learn tool and is used for building cross-platform native codes. Haxe compiler flawlessly incorporates a large number of classes to empower rapid Android game development software.
It has an abundance of gaming frameworks and libraries and an immense scope of features and APIs to build exceptional mobile games. Given the way that Haxe is quick to work as far as possible and a phenomenal tool in app development, therefore game developers used to prefer Haxe over other tools.

Android Games Development using Haxe
Some of the well known Android Games Developed on Haxe are Dragon City, BADLAND, Castle Clash, Big Fish Casino, and many more

Haxe is an open-source tool, available for free of cost for Android Game Development Software.

8. Amazon Lumberyard

Operated by Amazon, Lumberyard is an open source gaming engine, based on the CryEngine. It helps in making the most-adaptable mobile gaming applications, with added UI and shades highlights. Therefore, game application developers can exercise Amazon Web Services to host and develop gaming projects. It basically helps in accelerating the Android Game Development process.
Some of the features that Lumberyard incorporates includes full C++ source code, character tools, terrain tools, networking, Audiokinetic’s component rich sound engine, delivering and authoring tools. All these features help Amazon Lumberyard developers to design photograph quality 3D, etc. The developers can also engage with the gaming community using Twitch that likewise provides features for social games including Twitch ChatPlay, Twitch MetaStream, and TwitchJoinIn.

Android Games Developed Using Amazon Lumberyard
Some of the popular Android Games Developed with Amazon Lumberyard are Breakaway, Star Citizen, Everywhere, The DRG Initiative, etc.

Amazon Lumberyard is an open-source tool available for free of cost for Android Game Development.

9. Titanium

The Appcelerator organization has the ownership of this platform. It is another best tool for Android Game Development, having its features supported with JavaScript. This tool covers the vital and efficient components that save developers time from writing an extensive amount of code. Titanium is an open-source, i.e., free platform with a single code base that upgrades the interest levels of developers.
As Titanium developers don’t need to indulge into a number of tools and programming languages for developing the games. Titanium supports hybrid, Android, iOS, and HTML5 platforms for best game making apps.

JavaScript code is compiled by Titanium API to make table views or other explicit UI controls like split view and popovers for native support to iPad.

This platform is free until the non-mainstream adaptation. In any case, you will be charged $199 each month when you select the Pro version.

10. GameMaker Studio 2

GameMaker Studio 2 is an extraordinary choice for individuals developing their first Android game. Assuming you’re just beginning with Java and Android and need to explore how to build a game, then GameMaker Studio 2 is the ideal choice for top Android Game Development. The platform furnishes you with all that you want to make a 2D game with next to no programming and code. It additionally has a drag-and-drop interface that makes it extremely simple for novice developers to begin their Android Game App Development venture.
GameMaker Studio 2 permits developers to construct games from start to end by using its intuitive drag-and-drop interface. It has all that you really want to take your thought from idea to complete game. However, GameMaker Studio 2 offers its own language which is like C, permitting you to go beyond drag-and-drop and exercise more control over your Android game development.

However, it’s just great for 2D games development and attempting to make a 3D game using GameMaker Studio 2 would be profoundly inconvenient.

Android Games Developed Using GameMaker Studio 2
Crashlands, Psebay, Bluk, and Feral Fury are some games developed with this tool.

Initially, it is a Free tool at trial period. However, the paid plans of this tool start at $99.99 and Mobile App game development plan at $199.99.


In this article, we explored the top 10 tools for Android Game Development Software that are majorly liked by game developers today. It will assist you to have a better insight into each game development tool and pick the one that suits your development needs. While choosing the best Android game development tool for your next project, you should contemplate the highlights that take care of your specific requirements. For instance, your financial plan, a platform supported (like Android, iOS), expectations, and requirement of your game.
In case you are new to mobile game application development and need to fabricate your game application, then you can reach out to to find the best companies to hire a team of expert game developers.