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Advantages of Using the Android Platform for On-Demand Applications

Since the origin of smartphones, another time of the advanced digital era has started. People globally are experiencing mobile applications. There are plenty of applications accessible on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store that have improved the everyday lifestyle of the general population and opened up better opportunities for businesses and companies.

The mobile applications industry has grown rapidly not only in the traditional businesses but also raised a few new domains that have given a change in the world’s economy. Among this domain, one such domain is on-demand apps. The android platform is widely accepted and in demand. Many IT service companies will help you in android app development for your business.

Key Reasons to Choose the Android Platform for On-Demand Application:

As the on-demand industry is developing sail and bounce, an ever-increasing number of new companies are anticipating investment into on-demand application advancement for their unique business thoughts and empowering end clients with the next level of convenience and comfort. In any case, the vast majority of them are not ready to execute their cutting-edge business ideas because of the budget they have.

Some companies are in a dilemma when they are starting a new business they cannot invest in both platforms initially. Business needs results on that basis they can decide and invest on other platforms. So companies who are facing the same dilemma we are here to help you clear all your doubts.

Large Market Share

The mobile application market has two market pioneers Android and IOS. Clearly, they are competitors of one another. When you think about both stages, obviously Android holds a bigger market than IOS. Various statistical data points have demonstrated that Android governs the mobile application market and there are no strong competitors to it.

According to Android data platform leads to 74.85% of market share whereas, IOS leads to 22.94% of market share. Considering the Android platform for your on-demand application, you can extend the business in numerous folds by associating with an enormous client base.

App Customization

On-demand applications are focusing on end clients whose necessities are consistently advancing. To address clients’ regularly changing needs and current market inclines effectively, it is critical to continue refreshing the application by presenting progressed and custom usefulness.

With regards to customization, Android is better than IOS. The platform offers the degree of adaptability to Android developers to refresh the application on a regular basis so as to fulfill the clients’ desires.

Google Play Store Policies

Google play store policies are lenient and easy to understand. Google is progressively easy-going on Android application developers regarding rules for application publishing and dismissal. The application audit time at the Play Store is very quick as developers don’t have to pursue any stringent terms and conditions. In addition, Google sets aside less effort for application development than Apple.

If you are a startup and wanted to do mobile app development for on-demand apps for the first time then the Google play store registration fee and launching an app is only $25 whereas, Apple charges $99 for registering and launching an app on the Apple store.

Access to Advanced Feature

On-demand applications are having a couple of must-have highlights, for example, GPS, Google Map, Push Notifications, and more. Organizations can reach out and engage targeted customers. With regards to cutting edge Android platform has an edge over IOS.

Utilizing inbuilt Google Map, clients can follow the precise area of the item progressively. With the messenger feature, Android-based on-demand applications additionally enhance communication among organizations and clients.


Android users are increasing day by day globally. Compare to IOS Android users are more. Many companies or IT services providers, present end-to-end mobile app development worldwide for both IOS and Android. If you are looking to develop the best Android application for on-demand apps then you can go for any top IT service provider that is best in mobile app development company records. See their past clients’ reviews and select the best IT service provider for your startup.

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