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Head to Head: Virtual Assistant vs. Internet Business Manager

Many people ask me what makes an online manager or virtual assistant different from an assistant. This might be something you’ve wondered about yourself. Which one is better? Who should I hire?

Today, I am putting them all head-to-head, outlining their respective roles so that you can find the right person to join your team.

The Virtual Assistant (VA).

They are a one-stop-shop that does everything.

They are efficient and reliable and they know as much about your business as you do.

They are like your general practitioner. They won’t be able to treat your specific needs. You would be better off referring to a specialist. Because they are a generalist, their knowledge in each specialty may not be as extensive as that of an OBM or multi-VA team.

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A VA should be hired by anyone. A VA is necessary to help coach entrepreneurs and coaches who are consistently making money each month. They will allow you to concentrate on your clients and your growth strategy.

Online or Internet Business Manager (OBM).

They are the Major Leagues’ VA. They can do the same things as the VA but to a higher degree. Because they have been doing this for many years, they are more familiar with the details of running an online business than you.

A VA team supports them, providing deep knowledge of each practice area. In other words, they have a graphic artist who does only design work and a copywriter who only writes sales copy. A tech team handles all the behind-the-scenes stuff. You can focus on your core competencies by having them handle team management.

OEMs are for everyone. The work product produced by an OBM is superior, but it is often more expensive. Once you earn at least 5-figures monthly, I recommend that you hire an OBM.

Want to Outsource Your Project? Talk to Our Business Manager

Who wins this head-to-head battle?

It all depends on you and what your needs are.

My multi-VA team offers you two options that best suit your needs.

Let’s hear from you. Let me know what your experiences were with OBM and Virtual assistants in the comments.