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What Has Changed In PPC Advertising Over The Last Decade

Although advertising and marketing were used by businesses for years to promote their brands, the internet has made a huge difference.

PPC advertising (pay per click) was born with the advent of the internet. Businesses now have a way to get their customers’ attention by creating online advertising that is catchy and appealing. They had to invest in themselves.

This was a 21st-century take on the idea that spending money to make it money. It paid big dividends for businesses that did it well. Problem is, that many other businesses remained stale in their use of PPC advertising. If you are still using PPC advertising at the 2010 levels or earlier, you are likely in the ‘Dark Ages.

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PPC has seen a lot of changes in recent years. It might be time for a strategy audit to see what areas your business could use some help.

Here are some examples of PPC Advertising:

More Automation and Less Control…w/Exceptions

As technology and artificial intelligence get more streamlined, there will be a greater opportunity for PPC strategy to be left to “machines” rather than humans. Computers can track numbers and make better predictions based on that data. Although this is nice, it removes the human “gut feeling”, which always has a role. Both humans and computers must co-exist while performing PPC work until they are willing to give up this control.

Only a Portion of Advertising

While PPC is a powerful tool, it cannot be the only way to go. Too many businesses are too focused on PPC and neglect to consider other avenues to reach potential customers.

Questions & Concerns About Data & Privacy

More people are becoming concerned about businesses accessing their data. It becomes essential for businesses to communicate with potential customers directly to ensure that they protect their personal information. It can be difficult because this information is central to the audience’s definition. But it is possible.

Strategy is Even More Important

PPC advertising doesn’t mean just entering keywords and hoping for the best. The work must be planned. Strong campaigns are more important than ever.

Customer Optimization

PPC advertising has shown businesses that the customer is the most important aspect of advertising and marketing. They must also be reached with the business’s a product/service and everything else in between. If the customer is not a priority, there will be zero clicks.

PPC advertising is stronger than ever. If the past ten years are any guide, we can expect even greater changes as technology integrates into our daily lives. Any business that depends on PPC advertising will need to make sure it is used well and adapts the strategy to match the rest of its advertising and marketing efforts.

Want to Outsource Your Project? Talk to Our Business Manager

One of the biggest ways to accomplish this is to work with an advertising agency that specializes in PPC work & all other digital advertising/marketing strategies. They can be the missing link in your company’s push to the top of the industry’s top tier.

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