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Businesses around the world now use electronic signatures. Organizations that haven’t yet implemented digital signatures or electronic signatures wish to do so but are unsure about the legal acceptance, security, and cost. They aren’t sure if it will be easy to use and implement. In such cases, companies like eSignly can be of great help.

These are just a few reasons why digital/electronic signatures should be adopted by companies.

  • Time-saving, efficient: You don’t have to print, sign, and transport paper documents. Instead, you can click to sign and mail them. This saves time and effort that would otherwise be required for physical paper-based processes. It is easy to retrieve a digitally signed document and store it efficiently. It can be tedious to store files physically. Documents may become lost or damaged,d and it may take some time to retrieve them later.
  • Economical: Printing, shipping, and storing documents can be expensive when compared to digital signatures for electronic documents. You can easily transfer files electronically by digitally signing electronic documents. This saves you the cost of printing, transporting, and storing physical documents. Although the initial cost of signing software and DSC is higher, it’s very affordable in the long term.
  • Improved customer experience: A faster delivery of documents significantly reduces the time for organizational processes and improves customer experience. Customers prefer electronic files and online processes. Digital signing allows users to track the date and time of signatures with audit trails, time stamps, and other information.
  • Environment friendly: Digital signatures are a great way to eliminate paper. Electronic processes help organizations go green and save paper.
  • Legal Acceptance. A digital signature is a digital equivalent to a handwritten signature. Digital signatures are valid in all countries that have signed the legislation. Most countries accept digital signatures that are PKI-based.
  • Security: A digital signature is more secure than a physical signature. Digital signatures are encrypted and can’t be duplicated. This is in contrast to physical signatures which can be copied or forged. Digital signatures cannot be altered without detection. Any changes made to the document after signing render the signature invalid. Digital signatures are also authentic because they require digital certificates from a trusted third party. This ensures that the document is unambiguously identified as the person it claims to be.
  • Easy implementation and use: Although initial setup and implementation may seem complicated and expensive, they can provide good returns on investment. You can sign documents electronically with many benefits, such as bulk signing, signing and mail, and password protection.

These reasons are why digital signing has been adopted by organizations around the world. It is high time that others adopt this green alternative.

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